Roman Reigns Gets A Wonderfully Bizarre Children’s Song


Now that Roman Reigns is atop the WWE and undergoing an attitude change, he’s due for a new theme. Thankfully, wrestling theme expert Dotflist (aka Hot Dad) has made one that should appease his biggest fanbase.

If you’ve listened to our podcasts or spent any considerable amount of time scrolling through this here site, you probably know we’re all big fans of Erik Helwig aka Dotflist aka Hot Dad. From his groundbreaking TV themes to his wrestling entrance tunes, Dotflist has definitely tapped into the same pop culture zeitgeist that Laser Time focuses on. After a wonderful run of backward-lyrics songs that unearthed the brilliance of tunes like Smash Mouth’s All Star, Dotflist is back in the ring with a new sort of wrestler theme.

After so many previous WWE themes played in time with wrestler entrances, this music video approach is brilliant to showcase this tune about Roman Reigns acceptance. I know I won’t be able to watch his WrestleMania match with Brock Lensar the same way again after seeing what Dotflist did to it. And fortunately, there’s still some of Dotflist’s wrestling theme staples waiting for you at the end.

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One thought on “Roman Reigns Gets A Wonderfully Bizarre Children’s Song

  1. That should be his theme, so Taz can get back his WWE song. Though I like that either Dotflist is becoming a smart mark; or the internet’s hate for Reigns is so strong that other pop culture nerds are taking notice.

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