Cape Crisis #188 – Psylocke Rules (As Does Free Comic Book Day)


Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave cover everyone’s favorite psychic ninja mutant, plus a long chat about being in the same room with Stan Lee, and the community’s many questions…


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Cape Crisis #188 Question: What was the first comic book movie you saw in theaters?

And don’t forget to ask your first ever “Ask Hank” questions in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #188 – Psylocke Rules (As Does Free Comic Book Day)

  1. Great episode as always, gentlemen!
    ASK HANK: You’re only allowed to subscribe to 3 comic book titles for the rest of your life. Which ones are they?
    Thanks, Laser dudes!

  2. Had a good Free Comic Book Day myself, I even got the following:
    A-Force #5
    All-New Wolverine #6
    The Punisher #1
    Doctor Who: The Four Doctors (FCBD)
    Camp Midnight
    Valiant: Summer of 4001 A.D. Special
    Suicide Squad #1 (FCBD Edition)
    Civil War II (FCBD Edition)
    Angela: Queen of Hel #7
    Black Magick #1
    Gotham Academy: Yearbook #4
    Worlds of Aspen: 2016 (FCBD Edition)
    Carnage #7
    Captain Marvel #4
    Uncanny Avengers #8
    Scarlet Witch #6
    All-New All-Different Avengers #4

    As for Ask Hank:
    How would you feel about Justin Lin directing an X-Men movie reboot rather than another sequel?

  3. It’s strange that I’ve heard Hank use the phrase “excise demons” so many times, but now I need to mention that it’s “exorcise demons,” not “excise.” Also, things that are under copyright are “copyrighted,” not “copywritten.”

    Did Hank say he doesn’t want to judge? Since when?

    Ask Hank: when you go back and watch shows, or read comics, do you carry all the canon from later on back into the earlier works? When Marge was able to fly on the Simpsons you point out how she wasn’t able to in later seasons . Whenever someone becomes gay in comics you point it out with delight. Do you then consider the character to have been gay from the beginning, and any straight affairs they had were just hiding their true person? Do you start your idea of the status quo from the time you started reading or watching, then pick and choose which parts that came before or come along later you want to factor into your idea of how the universe is? Or is the beginning the beginning, and you try to reconcile all the stuff that happens later?

  4. The first 19 issues of X-Treme X-Men were great. Where is Sage nowadays? I want Sage back. Tessa forever!

    Beast is only in it for 2 issues in his old form. That’s when Morrison nicked him for New X-Men, and gave him the secondary mutation, which gave him his new look. .

  5. I love me some Cape Crisis but holy shit I thought Hank’s Stan Lee story was never going to end.

    QOTW: First hero movie I saw in theatres was probably the 1990 TMNT movie. As a 33 year old, the new TMNT movie looks awful and I am wondering if I remember the live action 90’s movie with rose tinted glasses….

  6. ASK HANK: unsure if this has been asked or discussed before, so it may be a bit of a repeat. What is your favourite live action suit from a superhero film?

  7. Ask Hank: I’ll make you all feel younger 😏. The first superhero movie I saw in the theater was Superman in 1978. I remember my Superman lunchbox well. The very FIRST movie I remember seeing in the theater was Star Wars the year before. I was only 6 at the time, but I remember being blown away and from that point on, Star Wars was my favorite thing in the world for about the next 10 years.

  8. the best episode yet!!! good job on getting through her complicated past, i like the look of Munn i just hope shes good in the movie (seeing it friday)

    1. “ASK HANK” what character are you waiting for, to finally to get a big screen appearance?
      QOTW: 1st comic book movie i saw was batman returns, i was only 11 & the lady behind the ticket office wouldn’t let me in, the popcorn lady had to vouch for me, it was a 12 in UK & i guess they were a lot stricter than nowadays. she was right, i had nightmares because of Penguin.

  9. QOTW: The first comic book movie I saw in theaters was the first X-men movie, I was 5 years old and was totaly inraptured with that movie. Okay I’m lying, I’m actually a 33 year old man baby….My first superhero movie was probably Superman 2 when it aired on ABC’s movie of the week (remember when that was a thing?) and my parents recorded it on VHS (see prior question). I used that watch that all the time and run around the house with a towel wrapped around my neck, possibly still do to this day but I don’t judge you lot…

    1. Doesn’t look like I can edit my previous post but yes I can spell….totally enraptured, there I feel a little better..

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