Join Us For Cheap Popcast LIVE, Today At 3PM PST On Twitch!


Every good wrestler undergoes a gimmick change, and Cheap Popcast is no different. Chat LIVE with your Laser Time wrestlebros at 3PM PST and be heard (and seen) on the next Cheap Popcast!

Cheap Popcast has been running strong for three-and-a-half years, and we’ve had a blast rediscovering our love of wrestling alongside you guys. But we’ve wanted to make a few changes to connect even more. Our recent introduction of the Kayfabe History segment has allowed us to explore more of old-school rasslin’ history, but we want to connect even further with you guys about wrestling’s past, present, and future. That’s where Cheap Popcast LIVE comes in. [UPDATE: See it below]

Cheap Popcast LIVE is where Dave, Hank, and Brett (and sometimes Chris) sit down to chat about their favorite matches, moments, and news stories of the week, interacting with y’all in the process via Twitch chat. So you don’t have to look at our ugly mugs up close, we’ll have WWE 2K16 simulations of the week’s best matches running in the background. Don’t worry; Cheap Popcast the podcast isn’t going away. We’ll be folding this live segment into the final episode with Kayfabe History and other content you won’t hear on the live show.

So please, join us as we morph from Isaac Yankem to Kane for the VERY FIRST Cheap Popcast LIVE today on Laser Time’s Twitch, LIVE at 3PM PST! If you miss it, don’t worry, the archive will be on YouTube shortly thereafter and on the podcast the next morning!

2 thoughts on “Join Us For Cheap Popcast LIVE, Today At 3PM PST On Twitch!

  1. I watched it after the fact but I enjoyed having the visual aspect,although I always like your wwe streams. I pirated LU for a while but bought the season 2 pass on itunes recently; anyone who complains about current wwe has no excuse to not throw some money their way. Joey Ryan has quickly become one of my favorite performers and I cannot imagine him being able to work to his potential in the fed. Great stream, hope to see more.

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