Cheap Popcast #81 – New Era, Nakamura, & Hornswoggle


It’s a new era in WWE and on Cheap Popcast! We start by reflecting on the recently-released Hornswoggle, talk LIVE with our listeners about this week’s best matches, and discuss the WWE releases that hurt us the most.


CROWD QUESTION: What wrestler’s release or firing (in any company, at any time in history) hit you the hardest?

You can now interact with the Cheap Popcast crew via our live stream on Twitch! It’s also archived on Laser Time’s YouTube page. Watch it below!

6 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #81 – New Era, Nakamura, & Hornswoggle

  1. Obvious answer. CM Punk. As a guy you started wrestling when I started watching it a decade ago, CM Punk was always my favourite. I was really in denial when he walked out in January, thinking it was a work but reality kicked in when he was released in July. I hope the bridge CM Punk burnt with that Colt Cabana appearance gets rebuilt. He and Triple H are my all time favourites and it sucks to see them hate each other.

  2. QOTW: As a huge WCW fanboy, after years of trying to explain to my WWF friends that WCW’s greatness was in its midcard, seeing Chris, Eddie, Dean and uh Saturn (I guess) all jump ship at the same time was a killing blow. WCW felt like it was finally figuring out what talents to push, I was at Souled Out when Benoit when technically won the big gold belt for the first time, just the night before his Raw debut but it was all too little, too late, the WCW ship wasn’t sinking, it had sunk.

  3. QOTW: Jim Ross, I understand that he was a commentator and not a wrestler but there are so many matches from the past (including when he was part time and was only calling wrestlemania main events) that are made so much better by his commentary that it was not only his release but also the absolute bullshit reasoning for his release that still bother me so much to this day

  4. Hope you guys do more live versions for a segment of your podcasts, they’re a ton of fun. It also made me resub to WWE Network because it’s the only way I can watch NXT.

  5. QOTW: I was bummed when Bobby “The Brain” Heenan left WWE for WCW, Heenan might be my favorite wrestling personality of all time. I’ll never forget the segment where Gorilla Monsoon threw Heenan out of the building on an early episode of Raw while throwing rolls of toilet paper at him.

  6. QOTW: The Boogeyman (wait here me out!) When I was still watching wrestling regularly, they introduced The Boogeyman. For months we were given segments that (I assumed) were going to lead up to seeingThe Boogeyman wrestle. I watched and waited for him to finally do something. After quite a while, I had heard buzz that he was going to have an official match. Guess I must have missed a week because I never heard from him again. Much like that “shapely ninja”, he vanished into thin air and I always wondered what the hell happened to him.

    Was he a bad wrestler? Did he grab Vince McMahon? Will they renew Kimmy Schmidt for a third season??

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