Vidjagame Apocalypse 163 – Nolans of the North


This week’s release of Uncharted 4 is by all accounts a fitting send-off (for now) for one of the most beloved series of the past decade, and so we get all topical with a frank discussion of five iconic roles inhabited by voice-acting supertalent Nolan North. The discussion then gradually meanders to our time with Uncharted 4 so far before we turn our attention to Disney Infinity shutting down, Assassin’s Creed getting a movie trailer and your favorite moments in Star Wars games.

Question of the Week

If you could turn any old toy line into a toys-to-life game, which would it be?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is the Deadpool ending rap as performed by Nolan North. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.




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15 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 163 – Nolans of the North

  1. QOTW:
    I had a ton of Transformers and G.I Joe when I was a kid. I would absolutely buy into games with toys-to-life tie in figures of either of those series.

  2. without a doubt, those Real Ghostbusters toys that change into freaky monsters. that would be your special, charge your meter and you could make Venkman’s jaw drop 4 ft below his face, or a VW Beetle turn into a giant mantis creature. TMNT ’87 is a close second, just for the insane variety.

  3. While they’re not really toys, I’d love it if yu-gi-oh cards could get the toys to life treatment. Lay your card down on the some sort of mat or pad (maybe a duel disk replica) and have them pop up on the screen lIke in the tv show. A game like that was my dream as a kid, and I still really want to see it happen. Only downside to this or any card game would be that it’s impossible to stop you from cheating since the game can’t see what you’re doing in real life

      1. Yeah, that’s Eye of Judgment, it was shown as part of Sony’s infamous PS3 reveal at E3 2006.

  4. QOTW: I did an audio answer!

    I’ll miss Disney Infinity even though I only played the first one. I still bought a few of the figures from subsequent sets. The quality of the figures was so nice and the designs were fresh and interesting in a sea of ugly Funko garbage. But they really screwed themselves by catering to a weird crowd. You better like live action modern Disney if you wanna keep up with the figures. As a fan of classic Disney there just wasn’t much there for me. I would kill for a Scrooge or Darkwing. Or Launchpad. Or Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Y’know what? Just do all ducks next time, Disney.

  5. Regarding whether Uncharted was profitable as a series, supposedly they sold over 21million copies between 1, 2, and 3. This doesn’t include the collection or 4.

    They said that they were spending $20 million making 2. Even if they spent double that on each of the games with advertising it still made them a hell of a lot of money and that’s not considering any deal they have with Sony.

  6. For the record, dates SHOULD be listed Year-Month-Day. That way, when you sort them numerically, they’ll be sorted chronologically automatically.

  7. Why hasn’t Pokemon already become a toys to life game? There are so many Pokemon. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!

  8. The 5GB install for Uncharted was just the day one patch, ON TOP of the 50GB basic install. That disc is only a medium to get that data onto your hard drive, and to act as a shiny piece of DRM thereafter. You’re not saving any hard drive space by buying discs for this generation of consoles.

    The concept of mixing and matching parts was the basis of Skylanders Swap Force a few years back. The top and bottom halves of the toys were held together with magnets, so you could take the top of one toy and attach it to the bottom of another. Since each half had its own RFID chip the game could determine which pair you’d put on the portal and put the appropriate character in the game. After that, it feels like Lego Dimensions took the easy route.

    Also, Chris, everyone is trying to trick you – that Deadpool game is hot garbage.

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