Lethal Weapon And The Exorcist Are Now TV Shows? Uh Oh…

Lethal Weapon TV Series

Two classic films are about to make a return on TV this fall. How good/bad are these nostalgic throwbacks? Watch the trailers…

We at Laser Time are obsessed with pop culture, especially looking backwards to the best movies/TV/music from decades ago. Seriously, just listen to us gab about it endlessly on ThirtyTwentyTen! So you’d think that we’d be stoked that iconic, one-of-a-kind films like Lethal Weapon and The Exorcist are getting another chance. Well, maybe not after watching these first looks. Here’s the trailer for this fall’s Lethal Weapon series…

So… yeah… Damon Wayans who once played a Riggs-type in The Last Boy Scout, and now he’s lived long enough to see him become too old for this shit as Murtaugh. Meanwhile, the dude playing Riggs just doesn’t seem nutty enough to be the suicidal, dangerous cop on the edge. I guess someone only as legit bonkers/dangerous as Mel Gibson can play that role. Though I do wonder how they can stretch it out to a series, especially without a big enough budget to explode everything all the time. Think season 2 will be all about diplomatic immunity? Will there be a subplot about getting fucked over in the drive thru?

Meanwhile, William Fredkin’s impossibly good Exorcist is also getting remade for the 80th time, now as a network show. Beyond scary kids and Catholicism, the show is really pulling me in by featuring the demonic union of Geena Davis and Alan Ruck.

So, you have any faith in these shows being good? Think the shows will even be on the air in 2017? Do you wish when networks like Fox made shows based on original ideas?

6 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon And The Exorcist Are Now TV Shows? Uh Oh…

  1. I’m too old for this shit! Fargo so far seems to be the only one that went with this idea of adapting a movie to a show and made it work. Both of these look like a horrible idea.

  2. Some times a movie isn’t meant to be a tv show. We don’t need these things stretched out with murders to solve for most of each episode.

  3. Yeah… so there were parts of that Lethal Weapon trailer that I liked, but then I remember how crazy Mel Gibson played that role in the first film anyway, and it’s just not gonna be the same. It looks like they are going for a more relaxed, less suicidal Riggs for the show. I’ll give it a shot, but it’s on Fox so if it survives an entire season it would be a miracle.

    As for that exorcist trailer… I imagine that’s going to get old quick. And they’ll probably premier it on Halloween so by the time the season is over it’s in the middle of the winter. These horror themed shows should just be dumped to Netflix for binge watching in October. Who wants to watch a horror show in December between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

  4. Lethal Weapon looks like Hitler deep fried elephant shit and then had it served introveniously to Iggy Pop who overdoses and throws it up onto Donald Trump who then re-serves it while calling eveyone a looser! Seriously bothered by this show, since Fox finally had a great show called Almost Human and cancelled it after the first season but green lights this????

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