A New Ghostbusters Trailer Has Arrived For You All to Complain About


But what do I know? I liked the last one and scarcely noticed how a single trailer retroactively destroyed the childhoods of adult men everywhere…

If no one else is going to, I’m going to take a second to appreciate how good we seem to have it these days when the most divisive political issue of our time is whether or not to see a movie about women capturing ghosts. Having seen Spy, I have the utmost faith in creative team of Melissa McCarthy and writer/director Paul Feig. And having watched a ton of SNL over the last decade, the cast is easily the funniest I’ve seen assembled for theaters in the last five years or so. (Yes, I include McCarthy in that, since here SNL hosted eps are among the funniest each and ever year.)

ghostbusters-trailer-sewardIs this the greatest joke in the history of movie trailers?!

I rarely get to gloat or feel superior, but I feel far more informed in my optimistic anticipation for the new Ghostbusters film than those willing to set fire to they Stay-Puft Pop Figurines and cancel the entirety of Summer 2016 based on the film’s initial two minutes of cheap seat sizzle. But hey, maybe this’ll taste better going down!

Look, I wasn’t a huge fan of the last Ghostbusters trailer either. It played a little too broad for me (har har), but it’s no different from 99% of most comedy trailers made by major motion picture studios. It’s why the longest a Neighbors trailer lingers on a scene is to show Seth Rogen getting launched by an airbag. It’s less indicative of the humor in the film, and more indicative of the audience the trailer hopes to to reach. I’m trying not to say “morons,” but yeah, I’m talking the type of person who decides what movie to see after one TV spot during halftime in a sporting match.

That’s the type of person who didn’t know a new Ghostbusters movie was in production before seeing a trailer for it before Ride Along 2. And more pointedly, the type of person who judges the entire worth of an unseen movie based on a single trailer. We’re better than this, internet!

ghostbusters stay puft logo laser time

Whatever. This trailer is much more satisfying to me personally, and although I’ll avoid looking for it, I’m crazy curious to see what those digging in their heels to hate the film preemptively think about this new and more representative look at Ghostbusters. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and let’s see how much or how little geek culture can embarrass itself together!


16 thoughts on “A New Ghostbusters Trailer Has Arrived For You All to Complain About

  1. “I’m crazy curious to see what those digging in their heels to hate the film preemptively think about this new and more representative look at Ghostbusters. ”

    I’m not curious.

    In any case this second trailer was much better. I remain cautiously optimistic! I’m still thinking the trailers are not good representations of the final movie.

  2. I’m with you Chris, Spy was amazing, and that first trailer, while not stellar, didn’t sour me NEARLY AS MUCHAS THE REST OF THE WORLD!

    I’m excited, this trailer looks good, the cast is talented, and the director has an amazing track records. I think there will be a lot of people eating crow this Summer.

  3. Am I the only person who actually liked the first trailer and left a positive comment last time? huh, I guess. so.
    I was already going to go see the movie, they don’t need to keep throwing trailers at me.
    I am a bit happy and sad though, happy: because it looks like it’s not a remake of the original, this looks like other than a few shout outs to original GBs it’s all new ghosts and story. yay. I’m sad: because I was really REALLY hoping that this was an IN continuity GB movie taking place all these years after the GBs first started. “sigh” oh well.

    NOW, the bad, this is Columbia pictures (Sony) pulling a Warner Bros. (BATMAN V SUPES) and showing us WAAAAAAY too much of the movie in order to get us on board. we really need to get back down to true teaser trailers. I can only assume either the execs think people are stupid and need it all laid out on the table for them or they have no faith in their films. No, I think it’s a little of both.

    1. I agree with Smars, this is showing way too much of the movie. I was willing to be pleasantly surprised like with Spy but now I’m not so sure I want to see it.
      Of course, it’s my own fault for clicking on the link and watching the trailer. I don’t even like to watch trailers anymore.

    2. This is a different conversation in its own. I feel all trailers (except the perfectly cut first Star Wars trailer) give far far too much away. A movie studios marketing can never be as good as my imagination when it comes to possibilities and pretend dot connecting. Trailers are 100% a situation where less is more. If you want to see the worst example of this… watch a Rom-com movie trailer sometime… show me how that doesnt just summarize the whole movie for you.

    3. You WERE the only person to like the last trailer (even Chris who defended it at the time seems to have backtracked). It was awful in every way and really dampened my spirits (heh).

      The rest you’re right. The main thing I dislike about this movie is how it’s not a Ghostbusters III with a new cast (which I don’t mind), it’s a reboot/remake called “Ghostbusters”. These rarely go right. Funnily enough though one of the best, Doom, is just out now, so I do live in hope but the odds are not in their favor.

      And while I think it’s unfair to single out Warner Bros, you’re right about the trailer but RacoonHail says it best – the vast majority of trailers these days, ESPECIALLY for comedies, show too much. The first trailer threw in a massive plot point about possession, and now the second trailer has revealed both the new Stay Puft equivalent and that Chris Hemsworth probably ends up the bad guy. Far too much.

  4. I really want it to be good and hope for some reason they only put in the bad jokes for the trailer, sorry but the selfie stick gag and mass hysteria made me cringe (mainly for my personal reasons on how much I hate the selfie stick culture). I really hope it turns out to be great because we need another good ghostbusters movie. plus when its out everyone can shut up about it which im looking forward to that the most.

  5. I really hate that #sexism has forced people like me who honestly hate the idea of this movie feel forced to say otherwise like dude do you really think Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy are funny? Also Kate McKinnon appears to be the 4th wheel idk I kinda hate the other Ghostbuster’s movie and I really hate that people are not allowed to not like what we’ve seen of this it’s like the Hilary Clinton of movies not clearly tepid but any crictisism makes you a sexist or whatever the hell a female “Uncle Tom”…Aunt Blanche?

  6. My only concern is that the funniest person in the movie (Kate McKinnon) only has one line. I really hope she isn’t sidelined in favor of Leslie Jones’ one note persona.

  7. I like the effects and the ghost sitting on patty was funny but still most of the humor shown didnt do it for me
    And Im a person who has no nostalgia for the originals, Ive never made it all the way through the first

  8. So if its not too funny itll still look cool, but I still think a purposefully all female team is a bit dumb, maybe its just the women they picked, I like 2/4 of them.

    1. Yeah that’s my beef too defenders get so worked up with defending the all female team they ignore the fact that Lesile Jones and McCarthy kinda totally suck like they’re the James Franco and Danny McBride of their crew…actually Seth Rogan, and Jonah Hill are kinda just as bad and Jay Berchel and Craig Robinson can’t touch Whig it McKinnon but still I think the Paul Feig crew is very unfunny.

  9. You know, a lot of people get outraged over stupid things for stupid reasons. I know that there are a lot of people who truly love the original and hold it near and dear to their hearts… but there were plenty of people with the same feelings about Robocop and TMNT, and while there was certainly a lot of teeth gnashing and hand wringing over those remakes, the level of unbridled vitriol was nothing compared to what has been unleashed on this movie. I’m not saying all of the criticism is sexist in nature, but you are kidding yourself if you don’t think unhinged misogyny is fueling this fire. (See also: the reaction to Rogue One having a female lead.)

    Personally, I like the original, but it isn’t precious to me. I wasn’t especially sold on the remake with the first trailer, but this trailer is absolutely solid (if a bit too revealing). I wasn’t a huge fan of The Heat, but Bridesmaids and Spy were beyond fantastic. I have complete confidence that this creative team will knock it out of the park.

    For the record, I thoroughly enjoyed the new TMNT, but didn’t care for Robocop.

  10. Trailer didn’t do much for me at all. I don’t give a fuck about the shit-slinging over the movie, but I think both sides are overreacting too much and taking extremes over something that will probably end up being mediocre. I will say the CGI for the movie is pretty nice though.

  11. I would have preferred a mix gender crew. Not sure why things have to be segregated by sex now. It can ONLy be an all female or an all male team. Fucking stupid.

    The art design for all the gear looks like crap. It can’t even excite my 4 year old who was a huge fan of Ghostbusters based only on the song and my Ghostbusters legos. Took one look at the new toys and kept walking, even though talking about Ecto-1 dominates most of his conversations.

    The action figures of the Ghostbuesters are hilarious, btw. They made them all look like men, and only boys are featured on the box playing with the toys. You know the marketing team really hated the idea of an all girl Ghostbusters to try and sell toys to little boys. I still can’t understand that shit.

    This new trailer looks a lot better. Really just makes me mad that this isn’t a continuation of the original. Would have been easy just to say the original Ghostbusters disbanded left New York and destroyed all their tech, leaving the women to start from scratch with everything. All they had to do was say they bought the rights to the name Ghostbusters, and end it at that.

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