Batman: Return To Arkham Brings Asylum And City to PS4/Xbox One

Batman Return To Arkham Top 2

Batman is going back to the beginning with this new remaster of his two best games…

It had been rumored before, leaked by a couple of retailers, but now we know for sure: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are getting ported to new-gen systems. Yes, the greatest games ever to feature The Dark Knight are getting the remaster treatment like most of the previous decade’s greatest hits. Take a look at the reveal trailer…

The port job is being handled by Virtuos, the same folks behind the Heavy Rain port on PS4. After enjoying Rocksteady’s finale last year, it could be fun to revisit the first Bat-adventures another Bat-time, especially with all the previous DLC included in this release – I skipped some of the City DLC the first time around.

Return To Arkham is out July 26 for $50
Not a bad price for two of the most well-loved games of the 360/PS3 era. And yeah, no Arkham Origins included, just in case you were wondering if Rocksteady had lightened its stance on not accepting the prequel as actually part of their franchise. Also, no PC version, which is fine with me after the debacle that was Arkham Knight.

Will you take another plunge into Batman’s greatest hits? Are you ready for another remaster on supposedly new consoles? Tell us in the comments, and in the meantime, checkout our full playthrough of Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC…

4 thoughts on “Batman: Return To Arkham Brings Asylum And City to PS4/Xbox One

  1. I loved these games, but I don’t know how much appetite I have to replay them for what would be a third time just for some next-gen shine. That being said – I urge anyone who hasn’t experienced either or both games to jump on this.

  2. Loved them both. Big question though: does Arkham Asylum contain the PS3-exclusive Joker challenge maps?

    And I didn’t even know either had any DLC.

  3. Being a big Batman fan and Batman Arkham fan, I will pick it up but not immediately. I’m playing Doom right now and I’m interested in picking up Mirror’s Edge, so I might wait for a price drop.

  4. Arkham Origins a far better game then people give it credit to it’s like Bioshock 2 that way.

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