MST3K’s Laserblast, The Final Comedy Central Episode Is 20 Years Old Today!

MST3K Laserblast Anniversary

Nerds all across America said goodbye to their favorite puppet show for the first time two decades ago. Relive the classic episode…

Thanks to constant references to Mystery Science Theater 3000, including an entire podcast about how much we love the mockery of cheesy movies, you should know we’ve been Mysties for decades at this point. And twenty years ago today, right as its film was failing in theaters, things seemed darkest for Mike, the bots, and everyone else in the MST3K universe. On May 18, 1996, we said goodbye to the show in what appeared to be the final episode – Leonard Matlin’s beloved Laserblast…

In the relaxing hindsight of history, we know that we’d get three more seasons of MST3K, but at the time this was seemingly the end of the show. The movie had failed, Comedy Central gave them a 6 episode long seventh season, and folks like Frank Coniff were quitting the show. May 18, 1996 seemed like the point of no return – who could imagine a reboot that was one of the most successful Kickstarters ever?

Today you can legally watch the momentous episode of MST3K via the official YouTube page. Not only that, but the video has annotations to explain even the most confusing of references. So, are you ready for some football?!? Whoops! I mean: are you ready for this very ’70s sci-fi B-movie that Leonard Matlin gave two and a half stars!?!

And give a listen to our MST3K podcast special, if you’re in the mood for more nostalgia over the Satellite of Love…

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4 thoughts on “MST3K’s Laserblast, The Final Comedy Central Episode Is 20 Years Old Today!

  1. I first discovered the show in 1995 when it was syndicated for a year, and I finally got cable in 1996 and this was the first first-run episode I saw. I knew it was the finale, but I was unfamiliar with 2001 (I was 12 at the time), so the ending was pretty baffling.

  2. Awesome job Hank! I do believe I will give another listen to the MST3K special. I discovered it in the mid 2000’s and it quickly became one of my favorite TV shows.

  3. What’s hilarious is this is one of the few MST3K movies I saw without it being on MST3K first. Remembered it vividly on USA when USA was all about corny scifi and horror flicks. The scene that always sticks in my mind is the Scene where they blow up a inexplicable billboard advertising star wars, as if they were even remotely in that caliber. One of those times where I wasn’t sure if it was movie smack talk or just a silly reference. I had no idea it was so bad as a kid. Stumbling upon the MST3K riff on Netflix one day. There was so many terrible scenes, writing and special effects I totally forgave or never noticed as a kid.

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