Top Gun, Da Vinci Code and two new Marios – May 13-19


The US Navy rules theaters and minds this week in 1986, while in 1996 Dr Who bombs on American TVs and Super Mario 64 wows the world with 3D gaming tech. Flash to 2006 and NEW Super Mario Bros brings classic gaming to the Nintendo DS, Will & Grace and That 70s Show go off the air and Da Vinci Code is a movie.

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And if our gushing discussion of Top Gun makes you want to revisit the film itself, please consider watching it WITH US by picking up the Laser Time commentary track!

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14 thoughts on “Top Gun, Da Vinci Code and two new Marios – May 13-19

  1. The Doctor Who pilot is bad. Like really bad. But McGann is probably my favorite Doctor, because of the comics and radio plays and shit which redeemed him greatly.

    1. Over The Hedge was actually pretty good. I remember watching it in my hotel room with food service when I was visiting DC on the 4th of July, because I preferred watching that than being a tourist celebrating an American holiday.

  2. I turned 9 in May of ’86, and this is the time I really started getting into pop culture. The first tape I got was Fore by Huey Lewis, which lead to me spending lots of money getting more music to this day. I loved Short Circuit and Top Gun, and I always looked at the tape of the Top Gun soundtrack, but never bought it. I was old enough to start staying up late, so I started watching Dr. Who on Iowa public television every Friday night at 10:30, and I saw and was disappointed in the ’96 Fox movie when it came out. I watched it again recently, and it hasn’t improved with age. Paul McGann was a decent Doctor, he’d have grown into it if they’d gotten the chance. In the fall of ’86 was when I started watching SNL, with the best cast ever, Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, and the rest. They were the only cast I ever really liked, once Chris Farley, Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler and their ilk rolled in it went downhill for me.

    I watched Twister after last week’s episode, and it really was like His Girl Friday, but I thought Bill Pullman would be the Cary Grant character, not Helen Hunt. I watched the Pinky and the Brain episode about Brain trying to harness a twister (never called a tornado in the movie, like never saying zombie in anything,) and I hadn’t realised it was such a direct parody of Twister. It’s always nice to be able to pull out a Pinky and the Brain or Simpsons episode after watching an older movie, and show my unimpressed girlfriend how cultured cartoons can be.

  3. Just dropping in to compliment the 30-20-10 crew on another excellent episode. Even with the endless knowledge of the internet readily available anytime and anywhere, I never would’ve been educated on stuff like “Murder She Wrote” without this fantastic podcast. Keep up the great work!

  4. Diana mentioned a rumor that Kenny Loggins stopped performing Danger Zone live because it was too jingoistic…I don’t know, maybe that was true at one point, but I can confirm that I saw him perform it live 2008 at a casino in Regina, Saskatchewan, and it fuckin’ ruled. The one rumour I’ve heard is that the Top Gun people wanted Bryan Adams to sing Danger Zone, but he turned it down because he felt it was too jingoistic and glorified war. The wikipedia page for Danger Zone mentions this, and also says Toto and Reo Speedwagon turned down Danger Zone before Kenny Loggins finally was chosen to do the song.

  5. Playing Mario 64 at my local Blockbuster before it came out was a transformative moment in my life.

    1. Watching Top Gun in the middle of the night with my dad, who worked nights at the time, was another one.

      Firing up New SMB on my DS Lite in a Walmart parking lot at the midnight launch of the system was pretty great too.

  6. …of all the wacky ’96 top 40 music to play and discuss/goof on,, you chose some failed late-period Def Leopard single???

  7. Last episode was great as always. But I was distracted during the 2006 segment because I kept waiting for you guys to talk about Star Wars Episode 3. I mean, what bigger pop culture event was there? Once you guys moved from movies to other stuff, I wondered if maybe you guys were just pretending like it never happened as some kind of joke, or you were saving it until the very end as a fake-out. And then I finally realized – it came out May 19…..2005!!! So, guess it’ll be nine years until you guys get to that one.

  8. Just wanted to leave a comment to thank Dianna for all the classic corner recs and movie input. Love her stuff. Just finished the Apostle–a unique, if somewhat confusingly messaged/interpreted film (still worthy) and working on Double Indemnity–both films i think she mentioned at some point. Keep em coming.

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