The X-Men Go Full 80s In This New Apocalypse Video

XMen In The 80s Ad

The X-Men have never looked more lovably ’80s than in this perfectly dated video for Xavier’s school…

Soon enough the approaching Apocalypse (film) will rain down on all of us. And while the trailers have been good (even if Apocalypse himself could look better), we haven’t seen much that’s really in touch with the 1980s setting of the third film in the retro X-Men trilogy. Well, here’s the standard definition throwback you’ve been waiting for in this amusingly cornball commercial…

I was already on board with Lana Condor’s plastic jacketed portrayal of Jubilation Lee, and she’s the perfect fit to be the “cool teacher” trying to recruit young mutants to Charles Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters. Even corny inserts of James MvAvoy photos make it increasingly cheesy, as does the unironic thumbs up and one student throwing a ball in the air. And in the tight minute-long video, there’s still time for a certain comic legend to make a cameo.

We’ll know on May 25 if the film is able to keep this excitement going, but until then, you can do some reading up on Apocalypse via the Amazon links below! Also, if you’re looking for more 1980s nostalgia, check out our very retro podcast, ThirtyTwentyTen!










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9 thoughts on “The X-Men Go Full 80s In This New Apocalypse Video

  1. What a missed opportunity for Jubilee to use her powers in a parody of the famous “The More You Know” shooting-star-fireworks-rainbow.

  2. Y’know what’s a dead give away that this isn’t actually from the 1980s? There’s an Asian girl doing the lead/narration. And if that weren’t enough: she’s not even remotely hamming up an Engrishy accent.

    REAL 80s children’s entertainment featured memorable supporting characters like Short Round and Long Duck Dong…

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