Vidjagame Apocalypse 164 – Stories Without Words


Shadow of the Beast’s arrival on PS4 is a reminder that sometimes, it’s possible to tell a clear, engaging story without any actual dialogue. And that pushed us to spend this week’s Top 5 discussion looking at other games that tell rich stories with little more than pantomime and grunting. We then move on to Doom, Homefront: The Revolution and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered before turning our attention to worrying game-movie plans, Shenmue remasters and your ideal toys-to-life games.

Question of the Week

What’s a game you’d like to play with your (hypothetical or real) children? Be sure to give any imaginary ones names.



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21 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 164 – Stories Without Words

  1. QotW: As an adult with no friends…. that play video games, My son/daughter (lets call them Goku cause I have to imaging current elementary school teachers are encountering students named after video games and anime and i cant think of anything worse than a human child named goku) will be forced to play every multiplayer indie game I’ve yet to play. Ibb and Obb, Nidhogg, Crawl and Towerfall just to name a few. I hope its a bonding experience and i don’t turn them away from game all together. My parents would make me listen to music with them which is why i hate Billy Joel and the collected works of Andrew Lloyd Weber.

  2. QOTW:
    As a 19 year old college student who adamantly does not want kids, I would show my theoretical son Kurt(Kenner alien power) Loader Pokemon Fire Red. Fire Red would teach him an appreciation for problem solving, interacting and befriending animals and going on an adventure while fighting against an evil corporation in a world where NO ONE ever talks to you in a way that would allow you to talk, just like being a kid. Fire Red would also give him nostalgia for the game I first started with, Leaf Green, and would give him expirence for the upcoming Pokemon wars that will commence after scientists get their shit together and finally breed Pokemon.
    (Also, I stole the Kenner alien power loader joke from a podcaster who I very much enjoy)

  3. I’m in a relationship with a gorgeous, great woman who has a boy who is 7 and we are expecting another boy due in late September/early October. He was already interested in Star Wars from watching the Star Wars Rebels cartoon, and I introduced him to the original trilogy and got him more interested by playing Lego Star Wars with him. But when both are older, because of my very fond memories of walking into arcades and proclaiming “Next” by placing a quarter on the cabinet, I want to play Street Fighter with them, starting with Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and working our way up to what probably will be Ultra Super Turbo Spectacular Give Capcom More Money Every Time They Add an Adjective Street Fighter VII.

  4. Well since Mikel immediately stole the answer I was going to give (Mortal Kombat X), I’ll go for a slightly less gory game: Starcraft. Sure, you might say, that’s way too hardcore of a strategy game for kids. Well I was 9 when the first Starcraft game came out and it was the thing me and all my friends transitioned into after that initial first wave of Pokemon fever, so I figure it’ll work juuuuuust fine. Also, I figure if I start ’em young I can get my hypothetical child to become a Starcraft wunderkind and beat all the Korean teenagers that typically take up the WCS Finals at Blizzcon.

  5. I have three kids, and my two older ones – a 5 year old girl and 7 year old boy – are of course obsessed with Minecraft, but they also automatically love everything I play. My son is super into shmups, and went crazy when I took him to the Galloping Ghost Arcade, where he discovered a bunch of obscure Cave titles for the first time. We have fun playing together, especially since I stay out in front and do all the real work, while he occasionally harvests my powerups when I inevitably get blasted out of the sky for staying in the top 3rd of the screen.

    He also likes to draw pictures of his own new bad guys in Devil Daggers, builds lego models of MGSV vehicles and locations, and he regularly draws his own maps for games like Broforce. My kids don’t play hide and seek – they play “Metal Gear” (original MSX version), and hum the music while doing so.

    I’m sure this period of “everything Dad likes must be cool” won’t last forever, so I’m enjoying it while I can.

  6. I look forward to the day I can get the twins ( Luke and Leia) into my beloved physics based puzzle games like Portal, Quantum Conundrum, and Talos Principle. My biggest argument for games is that they can teach problem solving skills and creative problem solving, and I can’t wait to finally prove that point to my wife.

  7. My six year old son Kai loves playing gears horde mode with me. I come home and he always asks if I want to play. He sits in my lap and we play through about 10 rounds at a time. He really is the perfect child.

  8. The first game I played with my 2 year old was the Captain Toad Treasure Tracker “dlc” unlocked by using the Toad amiibo. The game consists of listening for the pixel Toad’s calls to help find him hidden somewhere in the level. The game requires only that you see the Toad and touch it on the Wii U gamepad, all actions my young toddler was capable of. The Toad amiibo has since become her toy which she loves playing with more than the game itself.

    My partner and I are adopting in the next couple of years, and we both look forward to introducing our kid to gen2/3 video gaming before current systems. We want to hook up the SNES’ multi-tap and playing Secret of Mana as a family.

  10. QOTW: Me and my imaginary daughter, Anais Michelle Vera, will hopefully enjoy playing all of the Mario Kart games together. I think the Nintendo racing series in it’s entirely will offer a ton of replay value and be simple and fun enough for her to enjoy from a young age until her adulthood, where she’ll inevitably hook up with dirtbags like Chris and Dave causing enough disappointment for me to eventually disown her.

  11. QOTW: My imaginary daughter Lily Lee Lilo Lau (say that one quickly) will play all the co-op games my girlfriend never finishes with me.

  12. [Double-dipping from forums as Assless Chap] I am the dad of a five-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy. The boy is too young, but he and my daughter fucking love watching me play Windwaker HD, because it is a charming, beautiful cartoon come to virtual life. But now that my daughter has started reading some, I’ve had her play just a smidge of Pokemon X each night prior to bed (because it counts as reading). Suddenly she’s hooked on Pokemon as a franchise, she loves the show (which beats the shit out of watching REPEATED goddamn episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Curious George). It builds into my nostalgia that they are experiencing media that I don’t only not-hate, but, in fact, love.

    Also, my daughter has started playing Mario Kart 8 which seems to be a perfect outlet for most any kid. Just fucking drive a cute character on a goofy track with Nintendo jazz standards.

  13. I have two children (a four year old boy and a two year old girl) and they mainly play educational games on the tablet. However they have shown an interest more traditional games. The problem is handing them a modern controller is very confusing to them, as compared to what we grew up with, they are so complex. Right now they enjoy playing Wii Sports and Mario Kart (with motion controls), as these don’t really require many button inputs. They also like asking to watch me play games like Mario 3D World, Splatoon, Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush and Yoshi’s Woolly World and they have started showing an interest in taking the controls and having a go.

    I do think I had different thoughts before my kids were born, in that I assumed anyone could play certain games but the reality is slightly different. One thing that have found good in helping the get some enjoyment from playing a game, rather than frustration, is Super Mario Maker. I can create levels with progression that I feel suitable for them and make new levels based on watching what they liked and didn’t like.

    I’ve actually looked out a pair on Nintendo DS Lites and a bunch of GBA and DS game I own for them to have when they are ready (mainly so I don’t need to buy anything new and save some money) but I do have a horrible feeling that when they start playing it they’ll have the same feeling I had when my Mum brought home a VHS of “Watch With Mother” when I was six and realising that not everything my parents liked was good.

  14. QOTW: I have a five year old son and a seven month old daughter. My son started playing games when he was three, starting with Tropical Freeze and moving on to nearly every Nintendo first party game. He’s not especially “good” at any of them, because he likes to stop and look at his favorite levels or listen to his favorite game music instead of completing anything. Playing games actually helped him out a lot: he’s on the autism spectrum and his teachers and especially Occupational Therapist were impressed at how his motor skills and hand-eye coordination began improving significantly once he started trying to figure out how to work the controller. Right now, his obsession is my end-game save file for Wind Waker HD, and he loves running through the completed dungeons and occasionally asking me to finish the game so he can watch the final battle again.

  15. QOTW: I am the father of a (nearly) 3 year old little girl named Ashlynn. I was stoked when one day, PSN gifted me a freebie of Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion and she immediately plopped down and watched. She was only two at the time but she wanted to try it so I handed her the controller (way too big for her hands btw) and to my surprise she understood how to manipulate Mickey and make him jump. The game was hard as balls for her so I just let her run the castle for a bit. Since then she has a veiled interest in anything I’m playing but I hope to one day get her into more games. Bloodborne is simply referred to as “daddy beating monsters” and I’m thinking it’s time to bust out Rayman Legends again because she loves the music levels and the colors. Any suggestions on some good games I could pick up that we could play together from you guys or other readers would be appreciated. No Nintendo systems make it a bit more difficult. Love you guys and the show!

  16. I will insist that when my future son Argyle is not busy at Kung Fu practice or banging chicks, that he will play on my old Sega Rally Championship arcade twin cab with his old man. He will bang many chicks.

    I’ve introduced my 7 year old daughter to video games early on; started with simple iOS games like Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride when she was younger and moved on with Minecraft and Super Mario Bros 3. Now we play more modern stuff like Rayman Origins, Super Mario 3D World, etc. Disney Infinity is especially fun as it allows me to introduce other things like Star Wars and the Marvel universe. We recently watched the Darkwing Duck series and Star Wars 1-6 (original first then the prequels). Her reaction to Vadar’s reveal was priceless; mouth opened in astonishment.

    There’s something magical watching her reaction to these things from my past, games, music, movies and TV. It may come across a bit selfish I suppose; like I’m trying to justify my love and admiration for these things (See she likes them too!) but she has introduce me to many things in return and hopefully it’s just one more thing to help solidify our bond.
    (Thanks for the shows guys, keep up the good work.)

  18. A little late, but I have a three year old son and two year old daughter. She really wants to just play mobile stuff, but my son loves everything with wheels, so we’re all about Mario Kart. He can’t effectively race, but I put him on time trial and he has started being able to complete laps consistently. Other than that I make easy Mario Maker levels for him and I was surprised to see how quickly he learned to hold the run button while jumping.

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