Kingdom Hearts – PART 8: Out of the Deep Jungle


We conclude Tarzan’s Deep, Deep Jungle with one of the weirdest boss battles ever.

Not sure how many Tarzan fans are out there, but we wrapped this up a helluva lot faster than the Wonderland debacle. Oh, and I hope you’re not attached to Clayton. He doesn’t hang himself in Kingdom Hearts, but his fate here is arguably more of an abomination in the eyes of God.

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One thought on “Kingdom Hearts – PART 8: Out of the Deep Jungle

  1. Keep up the good work!

    As for this episodes corrections: there was an easier way to completely avoid those swinging vines but you just got turned around and didn’t notice, there were also faster paths to and from seemingly far areas but you stuck to the one path that you already knew worked, and the black caster that kept bouncing around and splitting apart was a mini game enemy for bonus items where you stand back and lock onto the one that moves and then hit it after they do the shuffle around. Keep hitting the right one to win, but hit the wrong one and get shocked. It’s basically a shell game.

    Don’t forget, you got more AP (ability points for skills) and a new ring and keyblade to equip. You also learned Cure which you should quickslot for easy access in the shortcut menu. I recommend not worrying about attack spells and just focusing on melee so you always have MP to heal yourself when Donald is too slow. You chose the sword at the beginning of the game and sacrificed the wand, so you’re offensive magic is always going to be weaker than your keyblade anyways.

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