Talking Simpsons – Flaming Moe’s


Homer gets screwed over by Moe in this all-time alcoholic classic, Aerosmith comes to town, and we delve into a secret fan theory about this episode’s origin, all in one exciting podcast…


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9 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Flaming Moe’s

  1. One of my favorite episodes, and the first one I remember seeing as it aired. I remember my family was eating dinner as it was on, and the scene where Homer tells Bart to take the Flaming Moe’s shirt off while they eat prompted child me to do the same.

  2. I often find myself going “Moe Moe Moe” like Homer in this episode, it’s one of the things like BORT that has seemed to stick with me through space and time. I love this episode oh so much.

  3. Not sure how it worked for different regions, but Flaming Moe was a “rare” episode for me. For whatever reason, this did not get played much on the rotation for Fox Chicago. Either way, I enjoyed this episode a lot growing up, and am looking forward to listening.

  4. Rocks by Aerosmith is probably the all time best none greatest hits rock album ever it’s only 9 songs but ever one is classic it inspired basically every American Rock band that debuted post 75 and it shows excellent guitar licks and Steven Tyler was on fire vocally give it a listen it’s the Illmatic of Rock

  5. Like the Simpsons itself, you guys started strong but have really hit your stride by the third season. The longer, looser episodes are an absolute pleasure. Keep up the great work.

  6. Another good episode. I didn’t know about the Sam Simon theory, but it makes sense.

    The one complaint I have about this show is you guys constantly complaining about how long the show goes. It’s annoying and unnecessary. Some episodes have a lot of things to talk about, so why worry about a specific length? Just say what you want to say.

  7. Watching this the other day I was surprised the “party in my mouth” line came from here, I only remember it from Homer at the Bat.

  8. Maybe this was just an old bartender rumor but I distinctly remember reading on a forum that back in the day (80’s to 90’s) after a bottle was nearly empty they would dump its remaining contents into a funnel connected to a large pitcher before throwing the bottle out. Eventually after enough bottles the pitcher would get full and at the end of the night adventurous (or already shit-faced) workers at the bar would drink it down for a free extra buzz.

  9. Pretty cool that they brought back Kip Lennon, last heard in “Stark Raving Dad” to sing Flaming Moe’s, and a few more songs later in the years. Did you guys ever find out who sang the Carpenters’ song in an earlier episode?

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