Cape Crisis #190 – The History Of DC Reboots


Hank, Chris, and Dave parse through so many DC reboots, and still find time to discuss DC Rebirth and Captain America’s new twist, plus your QOTW replies…


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Cape Crisis #190 Question: How do you deal with comic book spoilers on social media?

And don’t forget to ask your first ever “Ask Hank” questions in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #190 – The History Of DC Reboots

  1. The Captain America twist is kind of iffy to me, but I’ll give the first story arc a go before I decide how I feel about this run. I’m always up for new things, new twists never last, and sometimes (like Superior Spider-Man), they end up being great stories.

    On the other hand, DC: Rebirth #1 was awesome as hell. I’m super into where this is going so far, and I’m definitely going to check out a pile of the relaunched books.

  2. Ask Hank – What are your, and everybody else on the show’s, drawing skills? Did you draw superheroes or nintendo power art submissions as a kid? If so what? Lastly, is there a Laser Time comic in the works and who’s the antagonist?

  3. Ask Hank – Regarding superheroes with secret identities, how is it that say, Harry Osborne doesn’t recognize Pete’s voice when he’s Spiderman? A recent back issue I read made a point of making fun of what we could call, pulling a Christian Bale, implying that he doesn’t do it. Is this just another conceit, like the Clark Kent glasses?

  4. I’m with Chris, always felt the concept of Scooby Doo was fine, just never executed to my satisfaction (and they’ve tried a lot of things over the years).

  5. ASK HANK if you had the chance to write an uncharacteristic twist for a beloved hero for the sake of controversy who would it be and what would be the twist?

  6. I love how meta DC has gotten with their continuity shattering events. I was on board with DC when the New 52 started and read a ton of their books but it slowly dwindled down to only Justice League. Rebirth is giving the impression that DC is going to try and inject some more joy into their books, which I am totally for. It’s gotten me excited to read DC again for the first time in years. I really hope all the books are able to live up to the hype.

  7. Ask Hank: Do you feel the 90’s Spider-Man animated series still holds up today? Or should I just forget it and view Spectacular Spider-Man instead?

  8. ASK HANK-I saw X-Men Apocalypse. Didn’t really love it (in fact, the more I think about it, the more I hate it).
    What, in your opinion, is the WORST Superhero/Comic Book Movie ever? If you say BvS, pick a different one that you don’t hate as much!

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