Stallone’s Cobra, Cruise’s first Mission and the X-Men’s Last Stand – May 20-26


This week 30, 20 and 10 years ago: Stallone is the cure for everything menacing 1986 moviegoers, Tom Cruise begins his impossible mission and an X-Men movie so bad Fox spent a decade making apology sequels. Plus the Flintstones turn 25 & remove “gay” from the theme song and LOST concludes its second season with a bang.

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17 thoughts on “Stallone’s Cobra, Cruise’s first Mission and the X-Men’s Last Stand – May 20-26

  1. Am I crazy or can you not post in the comments as anything other than a guest?! Anyway, loved the discussion of Poltergeist and the shout-out to “I was there too” -great podcast. Poltergeist was the first “R” rated movie I saw, shortly after moving to a new suburb in a rural Colorado area, I was also the youngest who stayed up late watching our one TV… Needless to say that movie scarred the crap out of me, and I was legitimately terrified for months.

  2. Problem solved- I’m drunk. So X-Men 3 was a huge tragedy in my life. Junior year of high school I was well familiar with the “I’m the Juggernaut” vid (and loved it) but that only made it worse in the movie… Like “WHAT?! THAT’S WHAT WE’RE DOING??!!!” I remember walking out of the theater and seeing one of my best friends waiting for me outside the theater with arms outstretched saying “what the fuck happened?!” Yeah it was hugely bad, that nearly killed the X-Men. That being said I don’t actually like the X-Men films in hindsight, they’re like DC films; cringing at their own superhero origins. First Class and Days of Future Past were good (but would’ve been better with a Ellen Page/Kitty Pride as the lead) and I haven’t seen Apocalypse yet but… I’m ready for marvel to take it back and put Wolverine in that Blue and Yellow Spandex.

  3. It’s fitting that on the night of the 26th, the exact anniversay of The Last Stand and the night I saw that, I saw Apocalypse. Rather than being a nice look at far we’ve come since then, it’s a reminder of how much Fox has mishandled this franchise. Honestly, the Last Stand was a more enjoyable and better film. Here’s hoping we don’t have to suffer through another decade of movies made by people who don’t care (with occasional exceptions like Deadpool),

  4. Holly crap! Chris mentioning Subset?? (The Presidents of the USA/Sir Mix a Lot album)
    I thought nobody else remembered/cared.

    The band and Mix have tweeted intents to release the album on twitter in the past few years but still nothing.
    I just hope someday someone manages to leak the tracks online.

  5. Mission Impossible seems like the closest thing America has to James Bond. Each movie represents the era and each theme seems to be composed in the composers style. With that said, I have never seen a single one of them.

  6. My favorite part of Stallone’s credit-crabbing of this era is that when they put out a new edition of the book _very_ loosely adapted into the screenplay for Cobra (Fair Game, which would get loosely adapted into a Billy Baldwin/Cindy Crawford movie of the same name), Stallone argued that he should be listed as co-author of the book

  7. I disagree that Cobra is the most ’80s thing ever. That has to be Black Cobra, which is basically just Cobra, but re-made in Italy for about $12 and staring Fred Williamson.

  8. I’m so surprised you guys didn’t like Spy Hard. I fucking love Spy Hard.

  9. This show is the best – Poltergeist still scares me & I did a report in 8th grade about the tragedies of the film (what can I say? I loved the movie and the report could be on anything…needless to say I ruined that for the next round of kids) – It still creeps me out when the guy ripped his face off and that at the end of 3 since Heather O’Rourke had already died, the chick is carrying a life size doll (which is why you never see her face)
    keep up the good work!!!

  10. I really never liked any of the Bryan Singer X-Men movies. The first one got a pass cause I was in high school and it was cool to see my favorite characters on screen but I didn’t like two because it further deviated from the source material. Sure they used a comic storyline but the characters themselves didn’t act like their comic counterparts. So when three was released I was happy to see Singer gone.
    I enjoyed Ratner’s Rush Hour series and Family Man. The DVDs for those films were some of the first I ever bought and they had very entertaining commentaries and special features. His X-Men movie may not be the best but I enjoyed it more than Singer’s movies at the time. I haven’t watched again though.
    I really wish Vaughn wouldn’t have left though. First Class is the best X-Men movie and I would have loved to see where he could have taken the franchise.

  11. X-Men 3 was a great time in the theater for me. Mostly because I hated the first two movies. “I’m the Juggernaut” just pushed it over into hilarity for me.

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