Vidjagame Apocalypse 165 – It Was All A Dream


We begin this week’s show by exploring the theater of the mind, with five games that take place entirely in their characters’ heads and/or dreams. We then weigh in on the the Overwatch mania currently driving the internet bonkers, along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, Hideo Kojima’s studio plans, and the games you play with your kids (or want to play with your hypothetical kids).

Question of the Week

What’s the most memorable or vivid dream you’ve ever had about games?



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9 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 165 – It Was All A Dream

  1. QOTW: Around the time I started kindergarten I began playing the SNES heavily, specifically Super Mario World. I remember having breakfast and getting ready for school, I step outside…and there he was. In all his green beautifully disturbing round features was T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas (Yoshi for short) who greeted me with a head nod that signaled to me let’s blow this popstand. I then jumped on his back and we both flew away just as I was waking up, never to have the Nintendo/Neverending Story hybrid adventure I’m sure was to follow.

  2. Link’s Awakening is TOTALLY worth playing and is a wonderful game, despite the noise Henry made when Chris asked him if he should play it 😉

  3. That quote from the guy in charge of Final Fantasy is COMPLETE horseshit.

    Everyone is resistant to changing Final Fantasy? Every FF game after 9 has been a COMPLETELY different type of game than any of the previous ones! And all of these complete overhauls has made each game progressively worse.

    Meanwhile, Bravely Default is the most classic Final Fantasy-ass game ever, and it’s fucking great.

  4. QOTW: I find myself playing Hearthstone in my dreams quite often. Its a shame all the extra “practice” hasnt led to finally reaching legend rank on ladder. Protip: Wearing a nicotine patch while you sleep will allow for some intense lucid dreams. Ive lived weeks in the span of hours!

  5. QOTW: I was really into Portal when the Orange Box came out, and after completing the story I was obsessively chasing the Vanilla Crazy Cake achievement for completing all six advanced challenge maps. I had been beating my head against the final map for days, completely unable to solve it on my own and unwilling to take the shortcut of checking an FAQ.

    One night after several frustrating hours of combing every single pixel for something I had missed I happened to doze off. I found myself in a perfect replica of the map, and seemingly solved it immediately. With a portal carefully placed high on a flat wall I could see the surface which could take a portal that would grant me access to the exit, but couldn’t actually pass through without plummeting to my death. By carefully positioning myself so that the end of the portal gun registered as being on the other side, but my body was still safely on the ground. By firing a portal (the one I should be emerging from, not the one I was entering) and pulling back through before the portals changed I was able to bridge a seemingly impossible gap and finally solve the puzzle.

    Upon awakening I immediately set to applying the dream solution on the off chance it would actually work. To my surprise it did, and at long last I got that sweet, sweet achievement. To this day it’s one of my most satisfying moments in gaming, and it’s all thanks to that pesky subconscious.

  6. The new TMNT game’s artstyle is actually based on IDW’s comic. Specifically the art of Mateus Santolouco.

  7. QOTW: I remember having these dreams about Nintendo characters (Kirby, Mario, Link) fighting against each other in a SNES-game years before the first Smash Bros was ever announced. Maybe some day I will have a dream about winning the copyright-lawsuit against Nintendo for them stealing my dreamy ideas that will eventually turn out to be one of their blockbuster-series

  8. QOTW: While playing through Final Fantasy 6 as a kid, I had an extremely vivid dream that Mog the Moogle was chasing me around my house attempting to murder me. I don’t know why Mog had such malice, but after some “Home Alone” style antics, he stabbed me through the gut with a pike. After falling to my knees in a Shatner style death , I woke up. Fortunately, that dream didn’t ruin my opinion of the always adorable Mog.

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