Marvel Card Analysis – Famous Battles Part 2


Sure you’ve HEARD of the Dark Phoenix Saga, and maybe you barely recall either the Evolutionary War or Acts of Vengeance… but what really happened during those momentous Marvel maelstroms?

In this ep we tackle Spidey vs Venom, the aforementioned three mega crossovers plus Fury vs Hydra and much, much more. And if this is somehow your first encounter with our ongoing series, please hit up the playlist!

2 thoughts on “Marvel Card Analysis – Famous Battles Part 2

  1. Sometimes I wonder if Henry is purposely pronouncing every single comic creators name wrong just to bother me.

  2. another great episode. i need this to continue into series two for sure.
    also for all the spider man that i read as a kid, i never knew that venom was undetectable to his spider sense. so many things make sense now.

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