Kingdom Hearts Ep 9 – Hercules vs Cloud


Final Fantasy makes its most significant contribution to Kingdom Hearts so far as Cloud joins up with (against?) Hercules in the Olympus Coliseum.

Brett and Chris will continue airing their COMPLETE¬†adventures through Kingdom Hearts every Sunday whether you’re watching or not! Check out our previous episodes or start from the beginning on our YouTube channel or the embedded playlist below.

6 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts Ep 9 – Hercules vs Cloud

  1. Loving this series Chris! One thing though, don’t apologize for for the time it takes to play this game. You guys are entertaining and it is fun to see you guys succeed and fail so no worries.

  2. It’s weird to see Cloud so marginalized when Squall regularly shows up, with Aerith who he’s looking for. If the blonde bimbo actually said who he was looking for instead of brooding Sora could have told him he was going back to see her next!

  3. This is great stuff with a great team behind it. One thing that should be beneficial is you can shortcut Magic and Item use to a sub menu brought up by pressing L1. Should make it easier to quick heal and weave magic more smoothly into combat. Thanks Guys!

  4. Chris you’re getting better, but please go into your gear and equip the Keyblade keychains and rings that you’ve earned. You may be levelling but you’re not using any of your new gear.

  5. Tech Points are Experience. You can get extra points by doing special actions in combat like hitting elemental weaknesses or parrying.

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