Talking Simpsons – Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk


The very friendly Germans take over the plant, Homer is proven unworthy of his job, the family suffers economically, the LAND OF CHOCOLATE SEQUENCE IS IN THIS EPISODE, and there’s still enough money to buy the Cleveland Browns…


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8 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk

  1. You guys kick ass at everything you do but if I could offer one small recommendation on how to make this show even more incredible it would be to capture the “fired for that blunder” clip. It comes up every episode, even more than the death jingle (thankfully), and would just be a wonderful accoutrement.

    Seriously though, thanks for all the great content.

    1. I second this. I’m sure there are other quotes that are used in nearly every Talking Simpsons episodes that could be captured as well.

  2. Burns at Moe’s and the gay jokes about Smithers are some of my favourite parts of the episode, and this is a GREAT episode.

  3. The Land of Choclate sequence is probably one of the most iconic moments of Simpsons history, modern Simpsons got nothing on that!

  4. Another fantastic episode!

    If I may also make a suggestion for something else you could include in the episode… We all know that we are barely into what is considered to be the best seasons of The Simpsons, and some of the best seasons of TV in general, but not everyone agreed when these episodes originally aired. Maybe it could be fun to read off the “best” negative review of each episode from 1990s usenet/Compuserv/whatever users, as compiled by The Simpsons Archive (

    My favorite one for this episode:
    “The story line was missing something. The ending was missing something too. I sat there bored through most of it. I rate it close to the bottom of the list. I say thumbs down.”

  5. I love the German episode soon much!!!
    As a child of the 70s I was raised on reruns of hogan hero’s and feel I have to correct your overview of the show. It was based in late wwii based In a pow camp stalag 13. Famous in the show because no one had ever escaped. The 2 main German characters were colonel klink the hopeless camp commondant and Sgt schulz a chubby funny guy. The joke was that the allies used the camp to run the underground. They were under orders never to escape so klink would stay there. Schultz knew something was up and spent his life in fear that it would be discovered and he’d be sent to the Russian front. It’s probably dated but at the time it was hilarious. It didn’t really portray the nazis as goofy fools. Just the German soldiers running stalag 13.

  6. Y’know bringing up Nazis and WWII every time you talk about Germans is kind of something only Americans do in 2016.

    I’m here in Europe and Germany is a whole country with a lot more to talk about.

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