Cape Crisis #191 – Cyclops And Our Apocalypse Review


Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave explore the life of Scott Summers, and then the guys have a super spoilery discussion of X-Men: Apocalypse, then dig into your QOTW replies…


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Cape Crisis #191 Question: What’s the worst comic book/super hero movie you’ve actually seen?


The X-Men: Apocalypse spoiler page (Please refrain from spoilers in the comments)


And don’t forget to ask your first ever “Ask Hank” questions in the comments below!

17 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #191 – Cyclops And Our Apocalypse Review

  1. ASK HANK: one time when I was working as an extra, I brought the first volume of Saga with me to read, was enjoying my time with it until I saw a big splash page of a sex scene and immediately felt awkward reading it in public and quietly put it away in my bag. What scene in a comic that made you feel awkward reading in public?

  2. I’m with Chris on this movie except for Jean Grey. I let out an audible groan when Jean Grey started talking but she grew on me. Sophie Turner is a good actress but whoever wrote some of the dialogue needs to be shot. I love Singer but it’s time for him to move on. Once Vaughn is done directing Kingsmen 2, give the reigns back to him. Also, I feel as though Fox have not learned to micro manage their Marvel films after that F4 2015 fuck up. Get actual help from Marvel and make it fucking work! They don’t have to tie-in with the MCU but at least don’t make it confusing. Still loved the film though.
    Actually, my viewing experience was fun in it’s own right. The friend I saw it with shows a lot of emotion when watching films. She cried twice and grabbed my arm when Stryker showed up. I missed the entire conversation between Mystique and Quicksilver in Alkali Lake because someone let off an audible fart during that scene. Then someone had a seizure during the stinger and we had to leave via the emergency exit. So that was highly memorable.

  3. To be honest I hated this fucking movie. Not only does it either ignore or fail to explain changes to events and characters from the prior two films, but it is an absolute waste of every new character they brought into this entry (or re-brought into in the case of Jean/Scott/Storm). Even Apocalypse gets ruined so hard, the stuff that happens to him during the final battle is just nonsense. Plus, way to completely ignore Jubilee after hyping her up in marketing so much. WHY IS SHE IN THIS MOVIE/ WHY COULDN’T SHE HAVE STAYED WITH SCOTT AND CO.? The “main trio” of McAvoy, Fassbender, and Lawrence again do not feel like their characters at all, and just retread the exact same character paths from the prior two movies. but end up being worse.
    The standout “best” part of the film to me was Alexandra Shipp as Storm, as she actually sort of felt like the character to me, had a good accent, and had a decent performance. Too bad she has no lines for the entire second act of the film.

  4. As not a huge comic reader I really loved Apocalypse. Although wtf was the point of Jubilee being there? Also why would you not close the door behind you Rose Byrne? Do you really want someone walking in behind you? I thought most of the actors did quite well and mostly agree with The Ringer’s Apocalypse Self Loathing Index

    The X-Men franchise is my favorite comic franchise. It’s not the best, but it’s so fun for me and I love it and this was another fun addition. Part of me wants them to strike a deal with marvel ala spiderman, but I also really like that it’s its own thing that’s usually good and at least different

  5. I love Cyclops. Without a question, my favourite X-Man. But the spotlight kind of reminded me of how comic writers can get under my skin when they write characters. With Cyclops you’ll have writers like Grant Morrison, Whedon, Fraction and Bendis (to a degree) understand and make a character work and be awesome in their runs. But a writer has to stop writing a book at some point and when a new writer gets a hold of certain legacy characters it’s a toss-up to see how they end up treating some characters. I get that writers have favourites but the idea that a writer comes onto a new book and goes, “I’m gonna make X character do Y because I think they’re stupid,” really bothers me. Specifically with Cyclops, killing him in Secret Wars then IMMEDIATELY killing him again off panel fighting Inhumans (although like Hank said, there’s no way this death lasts). Anyways, Cyclops does have faults, but that’s why I like him. People that say he’s a boring boyscout haven’t read enough of Scott Summers.

  6. I really like how it has evolved over the past 16 years without really rebooting. They’ve been able to incorporate new characters (or the same ones with new actors) while keeping the franchise going. This one ended with a whole new team for youngsters which they, for better or for worse, could conceivably make another set of movies about. Whereas with Marvel, I fell like they are gonna have to completely wipe clean and start over once phase 3 is over and all the contracts are up. Most of this has to do with Hugh Jackman’s, and to lesser extent Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan’s, continued involvement with the series. Can we talk about how Mr Jackman gets more jacked, man, every movie? How does he do it?

  7. Ask Hank: I have to ask this in the wake/aftermath/fallout of the One Piece stream. I read a lot of manga (did you guess from my user name?). One thing that I find easy about reading manga is that there is a chapter one and there is a final chapter, and there are only a few in exceptions that don’t follow this formula (that typically applies to adaptations of other sources, especially manga based on Visual Novels). The reason why I have read every chapter of One Piece was because I started reading as a middle school kid with all the time in the world. My actual question is this: how do you keep straight all the different runs of a single character or team when there are all these different reboots? I’m familiar with the X-men from the 90s cartoon, but the super hero spotlight really feels like gobbledy gook that openly contradicts the stories I know while also being the same. This is in many ways the biggest hurdle that I as a manga fan have when it comes to western comics, because I hate the idea of reboots. Do you even bother keeping all the different works in your head as the super hero spotlight suggests, or is it not worth the effort?
    Thanks for putting up with this long winded manga derailment.

  8. Cyclops is an excellent character what makes him great is that he has to be lame because he’s the leader, Wolverine gets to be every character type there is and is easy and lazy to write Cyclops is the wet blanket boring person because somebody has to be all good leaders are they can’t afford to be “cool” because they have responsibility it makes me endlessly angry when writers get into “Cyclops sucks” mode because they don’t have the skills to write a leader who can’t afford to give an F about being liked

  9. There are some superhero spotlights where I am completely surprised that Henry can still take comics seriously. Scot Summers and anything xmen related is crazy.

  10. Just popping in here to say that the end(at least, for now) of Mignola’s Hellboy with Hellboy in Hell #10 was really, really good. So good, in fact, it makes me not even feel sad it’s over.

  11. ASK HANK: How can a series as big as X-Men (with countless heroes forming dozens of teams) share the same universe with the rest of Marvel?

    With the X-Men being so huge, why is there a need for the Avengers? And vice versa: Wouldn’t something as threatening as Apocalypse attract the attention of the Avengers?

    Are mutants and their politics a thing in other books?

    Why don’t people hate Spider-Man on a personal level for mutating after he was bitten? (Maybe because he wasn’t born with it?)

    Finally: Are there any books that address these questions?

  12. QotW: Worst superhero movie for me has got to be Spiderman 3. Objectively, I realize there are many worse movies out there. And I know that nowadays it’s become a so bad it’s good type of film. However, put yourself in my shoes back on the day of release. I was insanely hyped. The first two movies were terrific and the 3rd looked even cooler in the trailers. Black suit Spiderman AND Venom? Sign me the fuck up! I did not even care that it was the freaking guy from 70’s show as Eddie Brock. I just wanted to see Venom wreck some shit. God, I am never going to forget the anguish I felt while sitting in that theater. I just sat in disbelief as more and more of the cringe worthy ridiculousness unfolded. I wanted to tap out so badly. When the movie ended all my friends were discussing how bad it was. But me? I was just silent. If I ever had a supervillian origin that would be it.

    Ask Hank: Did you read Green Arrow Rebirth? Was definitely the biggest surprise of the bunch. Ollie is a self proclaimed SJW in it.

  13. ASK HANK: As someone who almost exclusively reads trades, I’ve recently got into picking up comics that have never been collected and are unlikely to ever be. In doing so I’ve come across some fantastic stuff like Steve Gerber’s 1990 Foolkiller mini-series, Keith Giffen’s cancelled ’92 series The Heckler and random arcs and one-shots from the original Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight series.
    What are some of your favourite comic books that have never been collected and unlikely to ever be?

  14. QotW: The Worst comic book movie I’ve ever seen is Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood.
    I actually thought Demon Knight was a pretty decent movie. Not terrible at least. But the Dennis Miller helmed sequel was hot trash.
    Ask Hank: Ever read the Nintendo Comics System comics by Valiant? I collect them out of nostalgia. The stories aren’t very strong, but I love the artwork.

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