Cosmic Star Heroine Looks Like A Chrono Trigger For A New Generation

Cosmic Star Heroine Top Image

Miss the days of pixelated RPGs and sci-fi settings backed up by a rocking soundtrack? Check out the brand new trailer for the PS4/PS Vita game Cosmic Star Heroine…

I’ll be upfront with you: I bought into the Cosmic Star Heroine Kickstarter, so I might be a tad biased. But I’ve bought into multiple Kickstarters that have since had terrible trailers (it wouldn’t be polite to mention Mighty No. 9 by name here, so I won’t). I gave Zeboyd games my $$$ many months ago on the promise that the creators of Breath of Death VII: The Beginning and Cthulhu Saves the World pitched another throwback RPG that looked heavily influenced by Chrono Trigger. Now, close to three years after it was announced, the release date trailer definitely seems worth the wait…

These days it feels like any average developer put 16-bit graphics in a Steam Greenlight game, but Zeboyd shows that’s just where it begins. The trailer has the feel of a JRPG from the mid-90s, especially in channeling Chrono Triggers three person battles. I was always curious why more games didn’t rip that style off, instead sticking to some variation on Final Fantasy’s more mainstream Active Time Battles.

And Cosmic Star Heroine also appears to use Chrono Trigger’s clever approach to having no random battles, instead having you fight the same sprites you see walking around on screen.


This early E3 trailer also comes with the news that the game will be out this summer on PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita for $14.99, which means Kickstarter backers like myself should be getting our copies real soon as well. There will also be a limited physical release of the game, so keep an eye out for that if you’re into having a box on your shelf.

In the meantime, why not check out some of this long play of Cosmic Star Heroine’s late 2014 demo. It’ll give you another chance to appreciate the dope soundtrack.

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4 thoughts on “Cosmic Star Heroine Looks Like A Chrono Trigger For A New Generation

  1. That is looking really damn good, not just Chrono Trigger but some Phantasy Star (before online) influence it looks like! Looking forward to this one and loving what indie teams are doing in 2016.

    1. Well, this is a Sony-specific trailer. They have said that they plan on releasing it on PC the same day if it is possible.

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