Dragon Quest, DragonHeart and Aniston’s Break Up – May 27-Jun 2


30 years ago this week TJ Hooker ends its TV run and one of the biggest Japanese game series launches on the Famicom, while in 1996 Sean Connery plays a digital dragon and Rent wins a bunch of awards. In 2006, Moral Orel wraps its first season and Vince Vaughn argues with Jennifer Aniston.

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11 thoughts on “Dragon Quest, DragonHeart and Aniston’s Break Up – May 27-Jun 2

  1. There should be an all Dennis Quaid Lasertime ep
    Im amazed there hasnt been an all Nic Cage Lasertime ep

  2. Metallica fans were bitching at least as far back as when the Black Album came out in 1991. I remember being berated by my classmate for buying it (actually the first CD I ever bought with my own money). He liked their older albums a lot better and thought they were sellouts for changing their sound. Did I mention we were both 11 at the time?

  3. Why does Diana have to react to everything someone says, stretch out some words and interrupt people? Annoying.

  4. Here’s something just as important that I know you all care deeply about: TheOneGuyIn[REDACTED] turns 1-years-old durring one of these benchmarks!

  5. “it was a stupider Starship Troopers.” ugggggggggggggggggh man . SAAB is a cult classic guys. Very disappointed that you feel this way. 🙁 It’s like when message boards in 2003 were saying the Firefly pilot was a shittier Outlaw Star. Any of you remember that?

  6. I found it reassuring that I’m not the only person who likes musical theatre who didn’t like Rent. All the characters read like they were just snot-nosed trust fund kids who had their parent’s fortunes to fall back on.

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