Cheap Popcast #84 – Goldberg’s History, Cena’s Return, NXT’s End, & WWE Game Characters


This week’s Cheap Popcast hits almost every major wrestling company as we discuss Cena’s WWE return, “The End” of NXT, Lucha Underground’s title matches, TNA’s Hardy insanity, and WCW’s most dominant wrestler, Goldberg!


CROWD QUESTION: Who do you want as next year’s WWE game pre-order character? It can be a wrestler rarely in WWE games, one who didn’t get proper representation in recent games, a celebrity guest, or a fictional character like WWE 2K16’s Terminator!

You can now interact with the Cheap Popcast crew via our live stream on Twitch! It’s also archived on Laser Time’s YouTube page. Check out this week’s LIVE show, archived below!

12 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #84 – Goldberg’s History, Cena’s Return, NXT’s End, & WWE Game Characters

  1. QOTW: I know there’s a variety of reasons why it will never ever happen, but my choice would be Owen Hart. He was an amazing wrestler who had some of the best WWF matches of that early 90’s time period, and it would be really great if he could get some representation for new fans who don’t know much about him. (Also I am the actual winner of the predictions contest where’s my song!?!?)

    1. Due to the controversial ending of the last predictions contest, the ending song is being held in abeyance. Just kidding, I made the correction and played your song for this one!

    2. Oops, did not hear the end of the episode till just now feel like such a jackass for my above comment ( about both Owen and the predictions), my apologies to the Cheap Popcast guys. I’m a stupid idiot

  2. QOTW: Since Dave said Owen on the podcast can I change my answer to Chyna (although that would require bringing back intergender matches to WWE videogames)

  3. QOTW: Spider-Man. He wrestled a bit, he’s going to get made anyway and it’s a good time for cross promotion with the pre-order announcement and all the movie hype hitting around the same time.

  4. QOTW: I gotta pick Sylvester Fucking Stallone! Since we got Arnie as the terminator then it only makes sense to get Sly as Rocky! That way we can recreate his match from Rocky 3 with Thunderlips… oh yeah the Hogan thing, uh never mind.

  5. Easy choice. Kurt frickin Angle. If I had the choice, I would have made him this year’s preorder exclusive easily over Goldberg since he was already a character in one of the recent previous games.

  6. QOTW: a familiar guitar riff plays, then the lyrics start. “Look in my eyes, what do you see…. Pipe Bomb.. BOOOOM!
    I know its a long shot, but never say never with the WWE. Perhaps his Debut UFC fight doesnt go as well as he hoped, bridges are rebuilt and fences mended and we get the return of “The best in the world” CM Punk! Watch out WWE universe cause its Clobberin Time!

  7. QOTW: Back in the day I lived in an apartment with some friends and we constantly played WWF No Mercy. We created many characters, mainly versions of ourselves but one of our most devastating creations was none other the Mr. Belvedere. Imagine Big Poppa B coming down to the ring with D-Lo browns “Your looking at the real deal now” theme music. Magic.

    My biggest regret is that we never made a proper Wesley for him to feud against.

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