Kingdom Hearts: You Never Forget Your First Summon


Riku returns, as do several Final Fantasy characters and Disney magicians, plus the first ever appearances from Pinocchio and The Lion King!

Heading back to Traverse Tow-NO, KEEP READING! This episode just so happens to be the most fan servicey EVER (so far), where over a dozen Square and Disney characters finally follow through on the promiseĀ of intermingling!

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One thought on “Kingdom Hearts: You Never Forget Your First Summon

  1. Enjoyed the whole 40 minutes. You really don’t need the faq most of the time because the dialogue you’re skipping tells you exactly what to do most of the time. Also the reason Simba did nothing when you summoned him was because when you brought him out you gained new actions. The first is in your command list so just change from “Attack” to “Proud Roar” at the bottom. The second is tied to triangle (as shown by the prompt that appeared on your screen right above attack) called “Charge Up” which increases the radius of his roar.
    The difference between when you first played this and now is that back then it was new and exciting so you tried to pay attention and soak in everything on the screen to figure it out. Now it’s less special and your lack of interest leads to a lack of paying attention to things. But that lack of focus means you can spend your attention of doing hilarious impressions so don’t mistake this for a complaint. It’ll all be worth it when you get to Hallow Bastion which has what I consider the best music in the game.

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