Talking Simpsons – I Married Marge

I Married Marge Wide

We travel back to 1980 for some very dated humor as we see Homer and Marge get married, Homer search for a stable job, and Bart enter the world in this monumental episode…


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4 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – I Married Marge

  1. I just realized as I was listening to the podcast, I have NEVER seen this episode. I must have missed it the billion or so times it came on TV, and I don’t own the first three seasons on DVD or Bluray since I thought I’d seen them too many times (I had most of them recorded on VHS, but apparently not all).

  2. It’s kind of distressing how bad Marge’s life seems to be when looking back on the show as an adult, especially with the flashback episodes.

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