Sonic, Harry Potter, Goonies, Adventure Time To Make Lego Dimensions Even More Crazy


The smorgasbord of classic character cameos continues for another year as Lego Dimensions’ new toys bring in a batch of new movie, TV, and game characters into the fold.

Who would have thought in the fall of 2015 what would happen in the toys-to-life genre. Disney (the company that either previously owned or recently purchased every kid-friendly IP under the sun), recently announced that they’re leaving the market and won’t be giving us any Marvel, Star Wars, and Muppets characters in Disney Infinity come 2017.

Meanwhile, one of the unlikeliest success stories has been Lego Dimensions, which has scraped together some of Warner Bros’ popular franchises (Batman, Lord of the Rings, and, er, Scooby-Doo) with a smattering of other series that weren’t in the purview of the House of Mouse. That’s how we got a game that featured Back to the Future, The Simpsons, Portal, and The Wizard of Oz all under one roof. Fortunately, TT Games shows now sign of stopping with the 2016-2017 batch of Lego Dimensions packs, featuring even more characters we hoped to see interact with Batman and Gandalf but never dared to ask.

Even if Sonic was rumored as of late (and honestly isn’t as exciting an inclusion as Portal’s menagerie last year), the other characters we’re seeing joining the fray is fantastic. You’ll never see another Gremlins or Goonies game, but holy crap! We’ve got Gizmo and Sloth in the same shot. Even though the rest of the world has forgotten about the A-Team reboot, you can play as a Lego-fied Rampage Jackson-as-B. A. Baracus alongside ET The Extra-Terrestrial, and Tom Cruise’s toys-to-life debut via Mission Impossible. The lady Ghostbusters finally give angry internet critics the chance to make Peter Venkman and Kristen Wiig’s character play nice together.

I wonder if any game critics will choose not to review this game now...
I wonder if any game critics will choose not to review this game now…

And then there’s Adventure Time, which is rad enough in and of itself, but hopefully means more Cartoon Network fare like Steven Universe and Regluar Show can fight alongside Lego Dimensions’ crazy cast of characters. Oh, and Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s new Potter-verse Fantastic Beasts are there, but WB already owned those and we’ve been waiting for those anyway.

And yes, even if we’ve grown too old for his charm, seeing Sanic interact with Gollum is still pretty charming. The most insane part? For all of the characters in the trailer, they didn’t even have room for Beetlejuice! Either that, or they didn’t have time to say his name three times during the trailer.

Whatever the One Ring turns Sonic into, it can't be as bad as Silver the Hedgehog
Whatever the One Ring turns Sonic into, it can’t be as bad as Silver the Hedgehog

Want to see some of the previous insane Lego cameos? Watch us play through Back to the Future and Portal’s playsets!

7 thoughts on “Sonic, Harry Potter, Goonies, Adventure Time To Make Lego Dimensions Even More Crazy

  1. I guess I’ll be getting Lego Dimensions then. I mean Adventure Time alone is a good get, but A-Team, Gremlins, and Mission Impossible?! I really think this will be my first Lego game. Plus since Disney Infinity kicked the bucket I wonder how that will impact Lego’s third year.

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