Cheap Popcast #85 – NXT Takeover The End, Brock in UFC, Mark Henry History, and More!


On this Cheap Popcast, we’re discussing NXT Takeover: The End’s awesomeness, Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt at UFC 200, Lucha Underground’s Nunchuck battle, Mark Henry’s career and much more!


CROWD QUESTION: What UFC fighter, in their prime, would you have wanted to see in WWE?

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7 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #85 – NXT Takeover The End, Brock in UFC, Mark Henry History, and More!

  1. I don’t know much about UFC except when fighters have cameos in mediocre comedies. So I would to have to have seen Chuck Liddell, guest star of Drillbit Taylor, in WWE. He and Kurt Angle would of had some killer matches in the early 2000’s.

  2. QOTW: Roy Nelson should join the Wyatt family!!! I bet the Wyatts would not have jobbed out to The Rock at Wrestlemania with Nelson on their side

  3. I’d want to see Jon Bones Jones in the WWE he may be the greatest MMArtist ever his only lose coming from a BS Disqualification in a fight he was dominating and not only does he have the greatest title run in terms of quality of opponents aside from maybe GSP he also would be an excellent heel, he has killer mic work is a blast to watch and has the kind of body Vince likes(and he’s American) unlike Silva, Aldo or GSP.

  4. I know nothing about MMA and even less about UFC, but Kimbo Slice (RIP) could have been incredible . He was supposed to wrestle for Japan’s Inoki Genome Federation in 2011, but he pulled out of the match due to getting injured during practice.

  5. QOTW: I’m gonna cheat and say two, but it’ll make sense. Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva. At their peak these guys had two EPIC fights in Pride that became known for their brutality. Rampage would do great on the mic (although not in a PG setting) and I feel a Pro-Wrestling translation of Silva’s brutal, relentless Muay Thai would make up for his lack of mic skills.
    Honorable Mentions: Kazushi Sakuraba (Just ask Hank about him), Mayham Miller (Closest you can get to insane without going full New Jack).

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