Injustice 2 Features Red Lanterns, Killer Apes, And Much More

Injustice 2 Top Image

Supergirl joins in with the DC Comics violence in the first gameplay for the Justice League fighter’s sequel…

Made by the same developers as Mortal Kombat, the original Injustice: Gods Among Us was a real fun surprise. The over-the-top fights between the likes of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (along with deeper cuts like Shazam and Sinestro) was tons of fun, as was the surprisingly beefy campaign mode. So what’s in store for 2017’s Injustice 2? Here’s the official gameplay reveal…

Now that’s one fancy trailer. From the start, I’m really excited to see Supergirl not only in the game, but also sporting a secret identity not that different from her appearance on her current TV show. Meanwhile, as a fan of the greatest killer ape in all of fiction, I’m ecstatic to see Gorilla Grodd join the roster. He appears to be the simian badass I’d hoped he’d be.

Grodd Reveal

But he’s hardly the only violent newcomer. Injustice 2 also brings in Atrocitus, the head of the cosmically angry Red Lantern Corps. And he’s bringing he burning blood with him. This has to be the first time a game has featured Superman being angrily vomited on, right?

Injustice 2 Vomit Blood On Superman

And before you ask, of course Atrocitus isn’t alone. He brought with him everyone’s favorite Green Lantern, Dex-Starr. This cat is about as violent as the average house cat, but this one has a power ring backing up his murderous intent. Obviously he’s a very fitting addition to Injustice’s world.

Injustice 2 Dex Starr

Hell, even Aquaman gets a cool moment, though Orin was already a member of the last game. Though now that Injustice 2 is starting on a fancier console, the oceanic violence looks even better than before.

AquaMan Attack

You Can Pre-Order Injustice 2 Here
If you’re super into this first glimpse, then it’s going to hard to wait for the 2017 release – I’d bet April or May, as developer NeatherRealm has favored those months a lot in the last decade. If you want to get it squared away on Amazon now, be sure to buy it through the link on this page, as a little bit of $$$ gets kicked back to Laser Time at no extra cost to you.

Looks like E3 is just getting warmed up with this reveal! Be sure to join us Monday and Tuesday to see our live stream reactions to E3 2016.

And watch here to see what the ORIGINAL Justice League fighting game looked like…

5 thoughts on “Injustice 2 Features Red Lanterns, Killer Apes, And Much More

  1. black manta shows up for a split second hitting aqua man, new character or could he be part of a level transition? i cant remember if there where characters in the last games transitions or not

  2. Gorilla Grodd, Atrocitus and Blank Manta! One of my concerns is they were going to load to lineup with obvious choices a’la DC movie tie ins but I’m glad it appears they’re going odd ball with some of their choices like the first game, which I loved.

  3. John Stewart and Hal Jordan where in the last game hopefully White Lantern Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner take it this time.

  4. Dex-Starr is one of my favorite DC characters. He and Atrocitus were great in the recent run of the Red Lanterns comic, where Guy Gardner usurps Atrocitus as the head of the Corps and Supergirl even joins in.

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