Spider-Man On PS4 Secrets From The Spider-Experts!

Laser Time Reacts To Spider Man Top

We were definitely thrilled to see a new Spider-Man game revealed at E3, and LT’s biggest Spidey lovers are digging deep into the trailer to find more secrets!

Damn, was it great to see that Spider-Man has not only returned, but that it’s a high profile PS4 exclusive made by Insomniac Games – a far cry from the last couple mediocre titles featuring the Wall-Crawler. Still, for as impressive the reveal may have been, were there any big secrets hidden in the all-too-brief trailer? Brett and Henry go moment by moment in the trailer to see what sets off their Spider-Sense…

We had a lot of fun at this year’s E3, as you’ll see if you watch the more than¬†EIGHT HOURS of E3 coverage we did. And if you want to see what our immediate reactions were to the Spider-Man on PS4 reveal, check out the moment it happened on our live Sony conference reactions…

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Pre-Order Spider-Man PS4 Here
We don’t know the release date yet for Insomniac’s Spidey game, but if this all put you in the mood to buy the game, head on over to Amazon via this link! Buying this (or anything else) via this link helps support Laser Time too!

5 thoughts on “Spider-Man On PS4 Secrets From The Spider-Experts!

  1. I pretty much screamed when this happened. Right now Amazon (in Canada) has a 20% off game pre-orders, and with the more expensive price of games here these days, I went ahead and put this in the cart.

  2. Since this is an Insomniac game, I’d bet money on there being at least a few alternate costumes to unlock. Open world New York means theres gonna be plenty of collectibles and what better unlock than Spidey costumes?

  3. That costume is an abomination, the big white spider and the white MMA gloves looked out of place. You put that emblem on a black costume I’m in but not on the Blue, Red and Black one I’m glad it’s not an origin story per the synopsis I actually beat and played lots of the AS2 XBone game and as always it’s “fine” but the camera has always been bad, side missions meh and combat kinda button mashy. Also Insomniac excels in weapons, and creativity as seen in Ratchet and Clank & Sunset Overdrive not sure if Spider-Man will hamper that.

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