Cheap Popcast #86 – Cena’s Career, Money in the Bank’s Final Deposit, NXT’s Next Big Feud, and Ultima Lucha’s Main Event


With Money in the Bank imminent, the Cheap Popcast gang recounts John Cena’s career, chats about the final WWE lead up, NXT’s fallout from The End, and the title match set for Lucha Underground’s Ultima Lucha.


CROWD QUESTION: What is your favorite Money in the Bank match and/or cash-in?

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7 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #86 – Cena’s Career, Money in the Bank’s Final Deposit, NXT’s Next Big Feud, and Ultima Lucha’s Main Event

  1. QOTW: I wasn’t even watching wrestling yet but a few years later I watched Dolph Ziggler cash in on Del Rio on April 8, 2013 and holy crap is it really something. Watching the crowd lose their goddamn minds as soon as Dolph’s music hits and he comes walking down flanked by Big E and AJ, when the announcer says he’s cashing in, and then finally hitting a zig-zag after a tease that Del Rio might beat him and then EVERYONE in the stadium counting to three with the ref is exhilarating to watch. As someone new to wrestling, it really solidified me as a fan of Dolph and it makes me feel bad about his current state.

  2. My favourite MiTB match happened at Wrestlemania 24 (My personal favourite Mania in general). The competitors included Chris Jericho, CM Punk , MVP, Mr Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison and Carlito. The match itself was a Smörgåsbord of cool flips and ladder moves, mostly from John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin. The match was won by CM Punk. It’s a damn shame his first cash-in reign was bogus.

  3. My favorite MITB cash-in has to go to Rob Van Dam. He is one of my top 3 favorite wrestlers of all time alongside Undertaker and CM Punk. The fact that he cashed it in at an ECW PPV in front of an ECW crowd made the cash-in worth it. I never thought WWE would put the World Title on RVD, but they proved me wrong. Too bad America’s stupid stance on marijuana in 2006 ended his title reign.

  4. It can only be Seth Rollins saving the whole show with his shenanigan-style steal at the end. I’m not that keen on the Money in the Bank in general but in this case is was useful and welcome. Want to know how badly needed it was? The following year Wrestlemania main event was similar but tanked hard.

  5. CQ: My favorite MITB ladder match would have to be the first one at Wrestlemania 21 because it basically set the template for every one of these types of matches ever since, the pacing wasn’t as frenetic as it would later become so the spots that do happen stick in your head more, in terms of cash ins I will go with CM Punk’s second cash in on Jeff Hardy in 2009, if only for it leading to what I consider the first time he got to really shine in WWE, his feud with Jeff Hardy

  6. CQ: My favorite MitB event and cash in happened on the same night, not too long ago. It was at the 2016 Money in the Bank when Dean Ambrose got the briefcase in a very tense ladder match and then cashed in successfully to beat newly crowned Seth Rollins just an hour later. Dean is a long favorite of mine and this was a special moment that I still remember as if it happened yesterday. The only thing that taints it is the unspeakably stupid thing WWE did just one week later.

  7. QOTW: My favorite match was WrestleMania 23’s Mitb match. Mr. Kennedy (KENNEDY)’s surprise win in a match littered with stars was a great way to open the card. Now about that push…
    As for Cash-ins, I’m going with CM Punk’s first cash-in on Edge. Edge was the greatest smarmy asshole heel and to see him get his comeuppance was great.

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