Vidjagame Apocalypse 168 – The Best Games From E3 2016


With E3 2016 in our rear-view mirror, Dave, Hank, Brett, and special guest Aziz Twaijri count down their favorite games from the big show before breaking down each press conference and seeing how our listener predictions panned out.

Question of the Week

What was your favorite trailer or game from E3 that WASN’T showcased at Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo’s press conferences?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Legend of Zelda (Link He Come To Town) by Joe Pleiman. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.




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22 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 168 – The Best Games From E3 2016

  1. QOTW: Even though remasters are the biggest joke of this console generation, I was giggling like toddler when I saw the first glimpse of Wild Guns’ remastered edition. One of the greatest arcade games is coming back and hopefully finds a new audience from these “pesky millennials”.

  2. Enjoying this episode featuring the Lasertime little brother Aziz

    His dorky takes, giggles(he has a good laugh) and stepping on jokes and stories were kinda fun.

    I still think the e3 videos were great, I gave each one a thumbs up but I still think they could’ve had 25% or so less talking. Let certain things breathe in addition to listening for certain key things from trailers or presenters.

    Thanks for all you guys do

  3. Just wanted to say THANK YOU GUYS for all of the E3 coverage this year, it was a blast watching along for all those hours and gameplay videos in addition to the rest of the LT content this week.
    On the topic of E3, while Sony’s conference probably wasn’t the best they’ve had, it was certainly my favourite of the ones this year and I’m really glad I already have a PS4.

  4. QOTW: I was beyond jazzed to watch and hear the gameplay trailer for the upcoming Friday the 13th game. The movie geek in me was thrilled to hear the iconic score, to see the early-model Jason Voorhees, and the board-for-board recreation of the primary house from the third film. Whether it’s fun to play remains to be seen, of course, but my appetite is sufficiently whetted.

  5. QOTW: I have to say Mass Effect Andromeda. Sure we saw like nothing but what we did saw made me so curious about the game. Like I thought we were told it would be a side story to Mass Effect but some much of the trailer made it seem like it is a sequel. Like why is the Citadel in Earth’s orbit when it wasn’t there till the end of Mass Effect 3? Why is the Citadel surrounded by like space scaffolding, and no doubt space teamsters? And the trailer kept saying Humanity needs a home? Like there are tons of places for humans in the old Galaxy or is it all still on fire from the Reapers? What I thought about Andromeda before the trailer totally changed after the it and I’m way more excited now. Plus the female character is the default and EA gave a ton of cash to diversify game development so I’m drinking anti-SJW tears.

  6. Idk if it was but I liked the Friday the 13 the trailer it was pretty brutal. Ones that were shown that I liked were Horizon New Dawn and We Happy Few.

  7. So I am a guy that pretty much always hates when a non regular guest is on a podcast, but I really enjoyed hearing Aziz in this episode. I stand with you on Titanfall Island. Titanfall is probably the only FPS that I felt actually great at (somewhere around a 3.0 KD where i’m usually 1.5) and I can’t fucking wait for the sequel.

  8. QotW: Mass Effect Andromeda.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of ME3’s ending, albeit not to the extent that I acted like an over-entitled millennial, sent death threats and demanded it be changed (which ended up setting dangerous precedent for this in gaming- whine loud enough and something gets changed). But I just found it too nihilistic and tone-deaf for a series that was 95% optimistic, even in it’s darkest moments.

    But this new trailer looked incredible, I always play women in games so seeing them push the main protagonist in marketing as a woman is great, and the tone has gone back to that hopeful “fight for the future” vibe that I loved in Mass Effect 1. I would actually love it if the game’s conflict WAS NOT a villain of the week deal, but Star Trek-style space exploration and discovery.

  9. So, forgive my ignorance, but who IS Aziz? Did I miss his introduction or something? Cause people are acting like he’s just been around or something, but I’ve never seen him before those E3 videos.

  10. Just so y’all know, the deal with Tekken 7 is similar to what happened with 6. There was an arcade version of the Vanilla Tekken 6 that was about to get released on consoles, but got held back because there was a significant update called, “Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion”. Because of that, they held off on releasing the console version, to add the content from that as well as make a substantial (for a fighting game) single player mode called, “Scenario Campaign”. I feel like that was so we wouldn’t have to buy two different discs for that entry, which is what happened with Tekken 5 (Vanilla was on PS2, then there was a 5.1 which was arcade only, and then Dark Resurrection, which was on PSP and PS3 as a download…though the download has since been de-listed, so you can’t even get it now.) so when Tekken 6 came to console, it didn’t have the subtitle of, “Bloodline Rebellion”, but did have all of the content and balance from it.

    Tekken 7 in its vanilla state did have some kind of arcade release in Japan, but did location test in the US (for example, Round1 in Stratford Square Mall in Bloomingdale, IL) as well as have playable build appearances at various fighting game events. Then its upgrade, “Fated Retribution” came out recently (Also with playable builds at various fighting game events AS WELL AS comic cons!), which made Akuma / Gouki from the Street Fighter series Canon in the Tekken Universe, as his appearance is in relation to the final boss of that game. This isn’t news anymore if you’ve been following the series, but the same thing is happening where the console release will just be called, “Tekken 7”, but actually be the proper update and balance changes from, “Fated Retribution”…which is seemingly as close to a, “Tekken X Street Fighter” crossover as we’re going to get. The E3 trailer merely showed us how the story mode is going to play out, with seamless transitions from cutscenes to the fight via QTEs.

  11. The guest was sorta annoying after a bit. Every time he mentioned a game or something he’d say what his personally ranking of it was.

  12. Since the forums look broken I’m gonna leave my QOTW answer here: Yooka-Laylee! Playtonic did a bunch of previews and demos on the floor and it’s looking fantastic. They’ve got the character controls and moves down perfectly and I’m so excited to play the toybox mode soon.

  13. QoTW:

    Persona 5 was the only game I was interested in that wasn’t Legend of Zelda, but it would’ve won anyway. While I was disappointed at the lack of localization, the presentation at E3 at least gave us an idea as to what a day in P5 is all about. Namely eating giant hamburgers and watching movies with a cat.

    Seriously, though. The best part of the presentation was finally seeing some uncut combat and exploration. The sharp looking UI, use of colour, and slick animation, along with some of the best music in the business, make this an easy sell. Valentine’s day can’t come soon enough.

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