Doom 2 Finally Receives a Much-Needed Seinfeld Mod!


Kill Kramer in cold blood while George Costanza begs for serenity…

I can’t believe it’s taken this long, but after several decades of circling one another, two 1990s entertainment juggernauts have finally embraced in a sweet, sweet crossover romance. Should anybody on the Nobel Prize panel be reading this, creator/genius Doug Keener has made Seinfeld’s apartment completely playable in Doom 2 and the result is nothing short of a masterpiece. You better believe Newman is the final boss.

I can’t imagine Keener has anything against the enduring Show About Nothing, since he claims that this minuscule level was the result of 100+ hours of work with certain textures clearly made from scratch (id Software just didn’t have the technology to render Jerry’s mullet back then.) However, I personally would’ve preferred to go on a murderous rampage in the Friends apartment and I know plenty of angry nerds who’d pay top dollar to go on a killing spree through the set of Big Bang Theory.

I know we all love our sitcoms here at Laser Time, and it’s a damn shame there hasn’t been more playable Must-See TV, TGIF, etc., other than the atrocity embedded above. I can’t ┬áimagine Keener isn’t going to be swamped with more multi-camera┬árequests, so I say let his ass know or tell us in the comments below.

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