Watch Us Play Mighty No. 9 at 3PM PST on Twitch!


Is Mighty No. 9 really the biggest gaming disappointment of 2016? We’re gonna find out when we stream this crowd-funded Mega Man competitor LIVE at 3PM PST on Twitch!

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Want to see some Mega Man ownage before we play its spiritual successor? Check out the archive of our Mega Man Legacy Collection stream featuring MLG gameplay below!

4 thoughts on “Watch Us Play Mighty No. 9 at 3PM PST on Twitch!

  1. I watched the entire stream archive and I gotta say, Chris you looked like you were playing really well but the game gives you a puny amount of lives for the huge amount of cheap one hit kill deaths that in forces on you. Even Mario games don’t force blind jumps on you, and yet they still give you a ton of lives to the point of being pointless. Yet this only gives you enough lives to die once to each form of insta kill in each level. The levels for the most part look really bland and repetitive, with each stage being crafted from the same 5 objects from that theme copy pasted a hundred times over. The games wastes so much time on bad dialogue yet that it repeats over and over yet can’t be bothered to tell you give you hints about level design that is super unintuitive. Usually I’m one of the people thinking “Come on Chris you just do the thing” but there were many times in this where I had no clue or just came to the conclusion that the game really was just being super cheap. Definitely sounds like a case of the creator pursuing features that he wanted at the expense of the core game’s quality. Ya did good Chris, but this game didn’t do good by you.

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