Karate Kid 2, Eraser, Quake and Click – Jun 17-23


It’s the 30th anniversary of Daniel-san’s Okinawa adventures and My Little Pony’s theatrical debut, later we discuss Arnold’s erasing capabilities as well as Quake’s influence in 1996, and finally we Click on over to Adam Sandler’s attempted mix of comedy and sci-fi…


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17 thoughts on “Karate Kid 2, Eraser, Quake and Click – Jun 17-23

  1. I mentioned this on the Karate Kid 2 NES livestream. I live in Seattle and often go sing karaoke at a bar and restaurant owned by the actor Yuji Okumoto (aka Chozen ). It’s a great place and if you guys are ever in Seattle for PAX i’ll bring you!

  2. Doesn’t Daniel start Karate Kid 2 complaining about Elisabeth Shue leaving him for a football player? And did Diana claim that Ralph Macchio is in Back to School, instead of the guy from Christine?

    Decline of the American Empire is good, and the other Denys Arcand movies I’ve seen are pretty good, too, they have a special sort of not-exactly-French, definitely-not-American, not-the-Canada-I-know feeling about them.

    Project A-Ko was one of the first anime I saw, along with Appleseed and Nausicaa. I also got the soundtrack, I think from Suncoast, one of the very few anime CDs I ever saw in America. J Pop is terrible, but there’s something about the crappy music in 80’s and 90’s anime that has a place in my heart.

    1. >>> J Pop is terrible

      No, J-Pop is not terrible. Maybe 90% of it is bad, just like literally every other musical genre.

      >>> but there’s something about the crappy music in 80’s and 90’s anime that has a place in my heart.

      What specifically is “crappy” about anime soundtrack music of the 80’s and 90’s? There are a ton of well-respected composers and producers who’ve put a ton of work and talent into this stuff. I’m wondering, what are some records you think *aren’t* “terrible” or “crappy”? Sincere question, I enjoy discussing this stuff 😉

      1. It’s shit, because it’s literally worse than your comparison with everything else. It’s not just like young women get sexualized (which i don’t care about as anything but a trope) at 20, as if they’re 16…

        Japan and Korea literally build gimmicks like “Visual Kei,” which is essentially the most insulting and exploitative shit.

        AKB48 is only really popular because 48 bitches. Western equivalent: Polyphonic Spree. Spree makes oddly childish, yet somewhat original music, though AKB just does top 40 and swaps members out based on age.

        Male “artists” in groups are discouraged (or were) from dating, because if a male model or “musician” got into a relationship, the jealousy of a sexually repressed, insular culture would get angry.

        I can’t get down with that.

  3. SO GLAD you guys dedicated a few minutes to the Project A-ko OST; you even discussed how it was composed by a westerner etc! I love all those songs so much.

  4. Dave, the oilers are not some no name team that has never won the cup.

    >After joining the NHL, the Oilers went on to win the Stanley Cup on five occasions: 1983–84, 1984–85, 1986–87, 1987–88 and 1989–90. This remains the most championships won by any team since the NHL-WHA merger and also the most won by any team that joined the league in or after 1967. Among all NHL teams, only the Montreal Canadiens have won more Cups since the League’s 1967 expansion. For their success in the 1980s, the Oilers team of this era has been honoured with dynasty status by the Hockey Hall of Fame.[1]

    Right from the wiki.

    Carolina on the other had we can thank Gary Bettmann for ruining the league moving teams to warm areas where no one gives a shit about hockey.

    1. Sorry! I got mixed up there and meant to say the Whalers never won (hence it being big when the Whales-turned-Panthers finally won and defied the Mallrats curse).

  5. I’m hugely biased but I will always love the movie Click. It was the first movie I went to see with the girl who would become my girlfriend and now wife. Nervous 18 year old me first held her hand while Adam Sandler was laying in the rain in old man make up crying. Thanks for the assist Adam! Also the song Linger by the Cranberries became a thing we were obsessed with that summer because it was heavily featured in the film. Good times…

  6. Was great to hear soccer get a mention on the show! Despite us currently setting our own country on fire, it’s Euro 2016 fever over here at the moment in the UK!

    People still go on about the Hand of God, conveniently forgetting what followed. Maradona is possibly the greatest player of all time, although Messi and Ronaldo who are currently playing are in with a shout of surpassing him.

    Beckham’s red card that Diana mentioned made him a national figure of hate here too, he returned from France with people burning effigies of him in the streets while he got booed at every ground he played at (and maybe death threats too?) Didn’t really redeem himself in the country’s eyes until he scored a free kick in 2001 to get us into the World Cup in Japan and South Korea 2002

    1. I think we to add that 1986 was only 4 year after England fought a small war with Argentina over the Falklands. England love a bit of post war hostility.

  7. Holy shit, I actually recognized the music that played for that Eraser trailer. It’s “Samurai” by electronic music collective Juno Reactor, best known for the Mortal Kombat film’s Reptile fight and the latter two Matrix movies. It’s a rad track if you’re into that sort of music, which I indeed am: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUoVjReTuyw

  8. Ok, Diana? Nobody can backpack Europe anymore. We can’t even get on a plane without half-stripping and walking through a scan-tube.

    Also, yes, women have it easier… unless they’re nerds.
    Guess what? Guys that are nerds have it worse, too… and then some.

    I was pretty awesome at all sports but wrestling, strong, agile, decent in a fight, tall… but I liked reading and video games.

    Don’t be an ass.

  9. I love the A-Ko music! That said, getting somebody with more music knowledge as a guest or something would be nice from time to time. Music knowledge is the biggest weakness of the show. It’s my favorite lasertime show. Thanks for another good one.

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