The Best New Amazon Releases: Whiskey Lego Force Awakens


The Lego-fied version of the newest Star Wars movie, a much-anticipated JRPG sequel, Tina Fey’s wartime drama-comedy, and many other big movies and games are new on Amazon this week. Shop through Laser Time and help us out!

It’s a new era here at Laser Time Industries. This week marks the first without a Hank stream appearance (though he’s still on this week’s Laser Time, so don’t fret). We’ve also got a great Monday Night Movie in the form of Independence Day (listen to it on Patreon), and a bunch of hot new games and Blu-rays on the Amazorn dot corn. This week, we got the hottest movie in recent memory making its Lego debut, a big portable adventure release, and some hella-underrated movies hitting Blu-ray. Amazon Prime members remember; there’s 20% physical game discount for new physical editions of games! Now let’s dig into those sweet, sweet releases!

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Guaranteed to be the best video game based on The Force Awakens! We’re in a far different world when it comes to Star Wars movie tie-ins. During the last trilogy, we’d get spinoffs (ranging from bad to bombad), movie retellings, and the silver lining that was the KOTOR series. Now, we’ve got the safest bet possible in the form of Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Even if the gameplay is predicable, getting to see great movie moments recreated with Legos is always a treat (and trust me, I know, having reviewed Lego Jurassic World for IGN). No matter which console you own, the Force (Awakens) is with you, as you can get LSWTFA on PlayStation 4 (shown above),  Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U. There’s also a Deluxe Edition that comes with extra digital content, plus an exclusive Finn minifig (miniFinn?) that’s worth the extra dough if you’re a Lego collector. That version can be had on PS4, and Xbox One. The Force will awaken in your wallet if you buy this within its launch window as an Amazon Prime member, since you’ll save 20%!

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Lest you forget, Enix brought more than just Dragon Quest to the Square-Enix name. Even if it isn’t on the tip of every American JRPG fan’s lips, Star Ocean has been a pretty integral role-playing franchise for two decades (it celebrates its 20th anniversary next month). While I don’t have the greatest memories of Star Ocean: The Second Story’s abominable voice acting, I did enjoy the real-time-yet-still-RPGish combat, the complex item creation system, and the narrative system that delivers secret story elements between party members when visiting towns. And hot damn, a decade and a half after that game, they’re still doing all that stuff in this, the fifth full-fledged Star Ocean. I’m intruiged, and the fact that there’s an Ocean’s worth of savings* for Amazon Prime members, I might buy some Integrity and Faithlessness.

*20% is an Ocean’s worth. Look it up. Actually, don’t.

Zero Time Dilemma
I’ve always meant to dig into more of adventure games on portables. From Hotel Dusk on the DS, all the way up to the Dangonranpa series on Vita, there’s nothing quite like curling up to a story-based game. If only the publishers MADE THAT EASY! Y’see, Zero Time Dilemma is actually the third in an adventure series, preceded by the way-differently-named Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward. Bitching aside, games like ZTD rarely dissapoint, so I’ll have my eye on this (and look out for sales on the previous games). True to form for a story-driven adventure, this one is portable only, available on the 3DS (shown above) and on  PlayStation Vita. Also, you can save more than zero percent (20%, to be exact) as an Amazon Prime member!

The Technomancer
As homogenized as gaming can feel (and even if this boxart is pretty bog standard), it’s great to see that smaller developers can put out big games nowadays, like The Technomancer. While the Technomancer’s predecessor (The Technocessor) was relegated to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, this adventurous role-playing sci-fi adventure is big enough to warrant a close-to-full-price retail release. While it probably won’t dethrone the likes of Mass Effect or Destiny, The Technomancer might be worth picking up if you’re hunting for unique new adventures. You can get into the Technoventure on the PlayStation 4 (shown above) or Xbox One. Want to be a Economancer? If you’re an Amazon Prime member, as you’ll save 20%!

Eye in the Sky
Finally, Arnie Pie gets his own movie! Oh, wait, this is modern war drama about the ethics of drone-based combat? Well, that could be good too… in all seriousness, even if it didn’t win a bunch of Oscars, the talent involved makes Eye in the Sky much more alluring than your standard Tom Clancy cinematic shlock. Helen Mirren needs to lead more dramas like she does here, and this year’s passing of Alan Rickman has me more interested in the deep-voiced actor’s final roles.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
When it comes to starring roles, Tina Fey is damn near perfect. 30 Rock was one of the greatest comedies of the last 10 years, Sisters was one of last year’s best comedies. Heck, even her cliche madcap adventure rom-com Date Night was better than it had any right to be. To that extent, I’m very curious about Whiskey Tango Foxtrot having missed its theatrical run. The normally subversive Fey adding some drama and wartime action is a pretty risky move, and now that I can watch it at my own leisure at home, I’ll finally give a Foxtrot about seeking this out.

Kung Fu Panda 3
Holy crap, not only is Kung Fu Panda a thing that’s still happening, it’s one of the biggest animation franchises around! On top of the three movies (more about that in a second), there’s also an ongoing animated series, five video games, four short films, and countless karate yells from Jack Black (and I’m assuming an equal amount of deadpan lines from the surprisingly still working Dustin Hoffman). Kung Fu Panda 3 continues Po’s adventures including his father (played by Bryan Cranston because this is a weird post-Breaking Bad world) and other creatures played by the likes of JK Simmons and Kate Hudson. You may not dig this… but your kids are gonna love it.


The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazaki is the most celebrated animator of the last 50 years, and for good reason. Films like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Princess Mononoke are some of the most fully realized worlds ever shown in theaters, capturing the hearts of people from just about every age and part of the planet. Now that he’s retired, Amazon has an exquisite looking special collection of every feature length film Miyazaki directed all in one box set. Plus, there are some fantastic bonuses as well that will likely justify the price. Currently it’s less than $180, which is a fucking STEAL. If you love animation, BUY THIS.



Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
-Pre-order Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to obtain all the following items: Covert Agent Packs, Digital OST Sampler, Extra In Game Mission and Digital Books
Kingdom Hearts III
Gears of War 4
Mafia III
-Pre-order from today and get the and get the “Family Kick-Back” incentive, which includes 3 custom themed cars and weapons, which have a high value with in-game benefits.

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