Talking Simpsons – Homer Alone


Marge can’t take the drudgery of motherhood any longer, leaving the rest of the family to fend for themselves in this Rancho Relaxo of podcasts…


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4 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer Alone

  1. Another episode in the continuing story of how terrible Marge’s life is. As I’ve gotten older this episode seems more and more real as I understand how stressful adulthood can be and really appreciate my parents for putting up with four kids.

  2. There was a Mexican restaurant near me that had good deals on margaritas and fajitas on Fridays, that was called El Rancho, but we called it Rancho Relaxo since we always left it much more relaxed than we went in.

  3. Speaking of Chris mentioning the David Spade vehicle, “Sammy” – I was one of the very few who watched it when the two episodes (or so) aired before it was ripped from the air.

    Here’s all I remember from it:

    The opening has the David Spade’s character’s dad (based on his real life father) constantly asked everyone who passes him for a “Low Five” and getting slapstick pummeled each time. The character was voiced by Spade, and was kind of a whiny Bill Murray in Caddyshack impression. The important thing to note is that David Spade was no voice actor, and it was really obvious that it was him (known as having a tell, in the voice acting community).

    The episode, which I’ve really forgotten the major details to, is about Spade’s character (?) being in charge of producing a new action figure. The two marking executives (played by Newsradio’s Andy Dick and Maura Tierney) discuss the process while they’re in the factory witnessing the mold for the character sculpt being made. Andy Dick’s character mentions that he prefers to call action figures “dolls”, but he doesn’t know why. Maura’s character responds sarcastically that she has a pretty good idea of why. You know, a standard cheap 90s sitcom joke of the character being alleged to be gay as being the whole punchline. Spade’s newly re-acquainted father character, Sammy, factors into the plot. The premise of the show is him being the bane of his son’s existence after showing up again in Spade’s adult life just to mooch from him. He continues this tradition by apparently sneaking into the factory after everyone else leaves. I don’t remember why or how, but he messes up the sculpt, presumably into something embarrassing (albeit by accident), causing his son woes with his clients (bosses?).

    Ultimately, it really felt like David Spade venting his real life frustrations, and I don’t remember any of the jokes being above of the standard low-grade sitcom variety, but with Spade being his snarky self to everyone. I had high hopes at the time, since I was such a fan of Newsradio, and at least two cast members on Sammy were regulars. Still, it’s shocking that no one has posted one of the few episodes to youtube. I would completely be interested in seeing it again just to see how faulty my memory actually is.

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