Hank Hill & George Liquor Talk UFC In The Weirdest Ad Ever


The Venn Diagram between 1990s animation buffs and mixed-martial arts fans may show barely any crossover, but we’re still glad to see Hank Hill sharing a beer with George Liquor while discussing the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s landmark 200th PPV.

It’s been just over a half-dozen years since King of the Hill stopped airing new episodes, and the world is slightly less pleasant for it. Fortunately, there’s always merchandising and advertising to be done, and even if Arlen’s greatest propane (and propane accessory) salesman would consider an advertorial a bit classless, it’s great to see him shoot the breeze about UFC with notable Ren & Stimpy side-character George Liquor. Give it a look!

First of all, how many ardent 1990s animation buffs also keep track of modern-day MMA? I’ve watched every episode of both King of the Hill and Ren & Stimpy and catch most UFC PPVs, but I don’t think the crossover appeal is all that large here. Also, it’s a bit sad to see Hank cracking open a cold one without Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer, though perhaps Hank sees a bit of his father Cotton in the squat, high-strung Liquor.


Also, while I think Jones-Cormier 2 is going to be a big fight, it’s far from the biggest in UFC history the duo hype it as. Heck, it’s been overshadowed as of late by the previous main event (Conor McGregor avenging his only UFC loss to Nate Diaz), the finally scheduled debut of CM Punk, and the recently announced return of Brock Lesnar! But honestly, given how crazily UFC fight cards will change, it’s a small miracle that the match the two toons talk about is still on the table, and it’s always great to see John Kricfalusi draw weird, muscle-bound monsters.

Now, Jon Jones vs Ren "Mad Dog" Hoek is a definite PPV-seller
Now, Jon Jones vs Ren “Mad Dog” Hoek is a definite PPV-seller

Want more toon-inspired weirdness? Watch the stars of Ren & Stimpy and other staples of 1990s animation compete on the field in our Nicktoons MLB stream! You can catch that and more weird stuff like CM Punk vs Bruce Lee in EA UFC 2 on Laser Time’s YouTube page!

4 thoughts on “Hank Hill & George Liquor Talk UFC In The Weirdest Ad Ever

  1. You know what this does?

    It makes me crave that old style of over animation, more than I thought I would.

    Of course I also miss King of the Hill….

    Yeah man, I tell ya what, man. That dang ol’ Internet, man. You just go on there and point and click. Talk about W-W-dot-W-com. An’ lotsa nekkid chicks on there, man. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. It’s real easy, man.

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