Labyrinth, Nutty Professor and Superman Returns – Jun 24-30


This week, 30, 20 and 10 years ago: Disney’s Gummi Bears and Bowie’s Goblin King brighten our minds, while inĀ 1996 Nutty Professor, Striptease and KMFDM tunes are the toast of the town. 2006 brings us to Superman Returns and the second season of the Venture Brothers.


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13 thoughts on “Labyrinth, Nutty Professor and Superman Returns – Jun 24-30

  1. It’s Always Sunny has improved so much from it’s first few seasons.
    It has basically become a live action cartoon show and I’m OK with that. Unlike other sitcoms they aren’t afraid to be more experimental with some episodes. Like Dave mentioned, the first person episode where you are Frank is great and another one I’d recommend is a Birdman like episode where 90% of the episode is a one shot take.

    1. To me it’s kind of like a live action, adult Simpsons show in some ways. This became even clearer when someone took a clip from the episode “Oh Brother, Where Art Tho” and turned it into the opening of an Always Sunny episode titled “Homer Ruins His Brother’s Business” and it fit very well (it helps that Danny Devito was also involved, of course).

      1. Oh Devito is a champ in the show, they somehow made a horrible character like that to be appealing and amusing. Who else can crawl out of a couch all naked and greasy, only Danny Devito can.

  2. My favorite line in Ruthless People “I’ve been kidnapped by K-mart” – its really not a bad film. Running Scared had that stellar soundtrack with Michael McDonald singing “Sweet Freedom” – I also still know all the words to the theme to Gummy Bears!
    I love 1986

  3. I actually think SUPERMAN RETURNS is pretty okay. It lags a bit during the middle of the film, and is too devoted to Richard Donner, but it feels enough like a Superman movie that it’s much more decent than people give it credit for. For me, the original two Superman films feel dated, and MoS/ BvS are not good, so Returns sticks out as the best of the live-action attempts at the Man of Steel himself. I kind of equate it with the 2011 Green Lantern in some ways, feeling both are underappreciated and needlessly hated films that are fine viewing and don’t crap on the characters like you would expect. The story is familiar and sort of bland (land developer/ businessman Lex is not the best version of Mr. Luthor), but I still think it has enough interesting things going on to warrant a revisit at least.

  4. This show sounds so much better without Chris. He’s like Jimmy Fallon, he has to be the star of everything.

  5. I’ve seen KMFDM in concert seven times. The band has always been very fan friendly, and I’ve had my picture taken with all of the members, and even have the phone number of their female singer Lucia. She gave it to me after a show when I said I was going to see them again in another city. She was also a bit tipsy.

  6. For next week please let me just say Dead Mans Chest is my favorite of the Pirates of Caribbean film, so plz dont shit on it or the franchise in general, yes 3 is too long/indulgent and 4 is boring.

  7. So with Henry gone, who’s gonna remind us white people are the Devil every five minutes? Haha, I kid. It’s every two minutes. Haha, I kid.

    I loved Picket Fences. Lauren Holly kickstarted my puberty, and Fyvush Finkel helped me realise the legal system is worthless and ridiculous.

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