Vidjagame Apocalypse 170 – The Best Games of 2016 (So Far)

We’re at the midpoint of 2016, so it’s time to look back at the last six months and assemble a non-definitive, highly subjective list of our favorite games of the year so far. If you haven’t rage-quit by the end of it, be sure to stick around to hear us talk about Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Nintendo’s NX mutterings, and your dream mashups of two completely different series.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite game of 2016 so far?



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23 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 170 – The Best Games of 2016 (So Far)

  1. GOTY so far: Ratchet and Clank. The series improved so much over the last 15 years, and it was awesome to see them revisit the original game’s story with all of those lessons incorporated. It’s also maybe the second best graphical showcase on PS4 after Uncharted.

    Runner up is Amplitude. Shame nobody else played it.

  2. Half-Year GOTY: At the moment I’m inclined to say Inside, even though that pick suffers from recency bias AND despite that I’m just over halfway through it.

    It is an unqualified masterpiece, though, and will safely have a spot among my personal top five at year’s end.

  3. Doom (2016) is the best game I have played in years. The idea of being the harbinger of a prophecy Hell hopes will not come to pass is the ultimate power fantasy.

    The fast paced, gleeyfully violent gameplay combines the best of both Doom and Quake II creating one of the most purely stimulating gameplay experiences I’ve had in a LONG time. All the more amazing given the game’s rough development, lukewarm reception of the beta and the fact that the core design of the game itself is about as basic as it gets.

    Also props to the Terminator 2 reference when you die in lava.

  4. If Brelston was there he would have told you that Furi has an awesome soundtrack featuring Carpenter Brut.

  5. Hearts of Iron IV is by far my favorite game of 2016… Did you want to play as Authoritarian France rebuilding Napoleon’s Empire during the 1940s??? Well now you can!!!! And lets revive the Tsarists while we are at it!!! Best game ever for what if History.

    1. Also I forgot my favorite scenario…. Do you want to go back in time and prevent a President Trump?? You can! By invading the United States with a Communist Mexico you ensure the United States in 2016 will be a socialist paradise lead by the great leader, Bernie Sanders.

  6. I have to say, it’s stardew valley for me. I just got it this passed week for the steam summer sale (among several others), and I haven’t touched anything else since.
    I feel bad for my wife, who suffers from a prolonged bout of “dry vag”, when I talk to her about the game.

  7. QOTW: Uncharted 4 duh. That ending was soooooo good. I cried like a goddamn baby because of that ending. It was such a great ending to the Nathan Drake Story. And it all worked despite the fact Nathan Drake killing mercenaries seemed so much worse after walking through his quaint home, but ya know ludonarrtive dissonance.
    Finally, make an anime show! Jeez the Gundam talk sounded legit. I wouldn’t know I haven’t watch any Gundam but still.

  8. QOTW: Quantum Break. It was a different game that boldly tried to do something new. I enjoyed the show episodes and the story was really interesting. Once you got used to using your powers, the combat really flowed well and was super fun. Great game.

  9. You know that pick you guys were swooning over in Uncharted 4? Rise of the Tomb Raider had that exact tool last year.

    1. It was also in the Tomb Raider reboot I believe. I’m surprised they forgot because when I saw that Uncharted 4 footage and saw that pick, I immediately thought of Tomb Raider.

  10. Rhythm Heaven Megamix is my GOTY. Stealth released during E3 on the 3DS eshop, it has the best fan favorite mini games of the previous games, and all of the new ones are top notch. No other game has given me the biggest smiles and purest laughs so far this year. With the blend of catchy music, satisfying rhythm tapping, and crunchy sound effects, this series is a guaranteed bundle of joy that manages to warm my cold, cynical heart.

  11. QotW


    Seriously, my favorite game this year has been Doom. It’s one of literally FEW games, like three or four, games I have played in my 29 years on this godforsaken planet, that I can’t stop thinking about! That’s the marking of a memorable game to me. That and wishing it went on forever.

    It did everything perfect and has easily the best FPS gameplay of… Well, since 1998 when Half-Life came out!

    I. Love. This. GAME!!!!

  12. This has been my favourite year for games since 2009. It’s only halfway done, but there’s already been so much great stuff. I’ve become enraptured with 4 different games so far this year, all for different reasons, and I don’t think I can choose my favourite between them.

    First up is Street Fighter V. I know the launch had problems, but I really love the base fighting engine, and the game design of the new characters, as well as the redesigns of the old characters, are all excellent.

    Next was Stardew Valley. As a recovering Harvest Moon addict, it was exactly the sort of polished, relaxing experience I’d been searching for for years, and that Natsume seemed incapable of producing.

    After that I got completely sucked into Uncharted 4 in a way I hadn’t been by an American AAA game since I played Uncharted 2 when I was 14.

    Most recently, Overwatch has really sunk its claws into me. I’ve never been a fan of multiplayer FPS’ at all, but Overwatch, with its fighting game-esque character distinctions, has finally made me understand their appeal.

  13. QotW

    Overwatch and Stardew Valley are definitely up among the best games I’ve played this year. However, a small indie game called Pony Island crept up at the start of this year that I truly enjoyed. Interesting puzzle mechanics, coupled with a very vague story about the protagonist made this game totally worth the 5 or 10 bucks I spent on it.

  14. QOTW:
    I know it’s been out for a little more than 2016, but SUBNAUTICA is really gaining steam this year, (on Steam), and I am loving it. (if you haven’t played it: your space-pod thing crash lands on an oceanic alien planet and you have to survive long enough to possibly get rescued.)
    It’s the first game I’ve played in my adult life that’s scared me — as in: holy shit the dread I feel makes me want to stop playing this game. Having to survive in an alien ocean with regular sized and way-too-huge-sized fishies that (maybe) want to eat me as much as I want/need to eat them is scary, but the true horror to me is swimming through a labyrinthine underwater cave system, getting turned around, and hearing a strange animal somewhere in the dark but not being able to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. Is it nothing – the bubbling of some glowing coral? Or, is it a giant crab monster with one huge glowing eye that wants nothing more than my violent death?

  15. QotW

    I’m shocked to say that my Game of the Half-Year is actually Hitman. I always overlooked the series in the past because it just looked like grim-dark self serious junk, but the low buy-in on this year’s episodic release got me to try it. Little did I know that Hitman is the game I’ve always wanted– jam-packed little sandboxes with hundreds of possibilities, as serious or wacky as you want with smooth stealth mechanics to boot. The episodic model also really works in the game’s favor. It has allowed the devs to polish each level to a ridiculous degree and urges players to truly marinate in each level, taking the time to see as many available paths as they want instead of just rushing forward to completion. We’re only halfway through the season and I can’t wait to see the rest of it. I could play this forever.

  16. GOTY Resident EvIl 7 lololololol
    A boy and his blob port? I haven’t had any money to buy new releases but want to answer

  17. GOTY is Witcher 3 Blood and Wine. I know its an expansion, but the last scene gave me chills. If I can’t pick an expansion then I pick SuperHot. BTW Chris, Rocket League was loading matches in the background way before Overwatch came out. Love me some Rocket League.

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