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Marcia Wallace deserved her Emmy for this classic episode, Gordie Howe gets a unique tribute, plus Homer is fighting his urge to swear in this week’s loving podcast…


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6 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Bart The Lover

  1. Why hello again Henry! God I can’t wait to listen to this episode. I remember being a kid and wearing out the vhs tape during the “fiddle dee dee” scene because my sister and I couldn’t stop laughing and rewatching it!

  2. I think Henry asking for the death jingle for Marcia Wallace despite her already getting one means someone had to die and it was poor Gordie Howe. You killed Gordie Howe Henry

  3. The yo-yo people actually did visit my school for a “special presentation”! And, naturally, they sold yo-yos to everyone afterwards. I’ve never liked them, so I didn’t want to get one, but just about everyone else did. I have to admit, the peer pressure was really hard to resist. Fortunately, everyone got tired of them almost immediately. Oh, and our gym teacher bought two big boxes of yo-yos and he would let us just play with them on the playground on days in which he was too tired (or presumably, hung over) to have us do anything organized.

    I rewatched this episode a couple of days ago and the line that ended up totally slaying me was Lovejoy’s “This better not be about that damn quarter again.”

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