Kurt’s Big Trouble, Sega’s Nights, Earth’s Independence and a Dead Man’s Chest – Jul 1-7


Thirty, twenty and ten years ago this week we experienced a barrage of movies & games, including Big Trouble in Little China, Dead Man’s Chest and Independence Day. Hulk Hogan turned on the fans, Sega unleashed its Sonic replacement and Psych debuts on USA.

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Other topics covered include:


-Statue of Liberty re-opens

-First ever Goodwill games held in Russia, initiated by Ted Turner in reaction to Cold War tension

-Great Mouse Detective, Psycho III, About Last Night

-Taito releases Arkanoid in July 1986

-Run DMC “Walk This Way” single released, general hype around the song is high


-Nas / Lauren Hill “If I Ruled The World” released with album “It Was Written”

-Dolly the Sheep born / created

-Hotmail launches

-John Travolta’s Phenomenon


-Muse’s Black Holes & Revelations released, Starlight hoo boy

-A Scanner Darkly has its limited theatrical release


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11 thoughts on “Kurt’s Big Trouble, Sega’s Nights, Earth’s Independence and a Dead Man’s Chest – Jul 1-7

  1. I love Dead Man’s Chest, and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, even the bad ones. I have no shame. I fully admit that I am part of the problem.

    But Davy Jones just looks so goddamn cool!

  2. Please make the change to the first day of the week soon! I love telling people the facts I learn for the podcast but it’s kinda awkward when I say, “Did you know that Ferris Bueller’s day off was 30 years old last week?”

  3. Hey guys, Hate to Break it to you….
    break out had the paddles dial as well,
    Arkanoid’s big contribution was the powerup drops…. yeah I’m old 🙁

  4. On the subject of Big Trouble in Little China and there not being anything else with that whole “bumbling main character, hypercompetent sidekick” dynamic, I would direct you guys to Seth Rogan’s Green Hornet movie. It’s very much that.

    A lot of people seem to dislike that movie, but I enjoyed the hell out of it.

  5. “Psych is really good for the day after drinking when you are hungover” -Diana, I cannot describe it better as that shows saturday morning marathons in the years that followed its start definitely got me through a few rough morning afters…

  6. Laser Time finally answered the question I was always too forgetful to remember and too lazy to look up when I did remember it. For years I wondered what the hell happened to Dolly the sheep and why we haven’t heard anything about her.
    Laser Time. Is there anything they can’t do?

  7. I rank the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean ride higher than any of the Pirates movies. From what I remember of the sequels I hated them all and only liked the first movie. But the conversation you guys had is making me consider watching them again. I’m pretty sure the only one haven’t seen only once is the first movie.

  8. I’m pretty disappointed you didn’t mention anything about Syd Barrets mental decline when telling of his death and back story. It’s kinda interesting. Especially the wish you were here story. He literary was bald and bushed his teeth by jumping up and down.

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