Laser Time – The Best Of 2016 (So Far)


We’re just past the midpoint of 2016, so we’re picking our favorite games, shows, movies, and other pop-culture highlights of the first half of the year!


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13 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Best Of 2016 (So Far)

  1. I love you guys and I agree with almost everything you said, even though this felt like the most “stop doing 360 kickflips on my lawn!” episode you’ve done in a while

  2. Love these early uploads! The 2016 media that sticks out to me so far includes Captain America Civil War, the back half of the current seasons of Flash and Supergirl, Kimmy Schmidt S2, Uncharted 4, and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

  3. Awesome podcast! For some reason, registering my name as GrimmICanFindYouAChineseWife needed moderation and said to contact you guys. Keep up the good work!

  4. Does Chris know that he says “alcohol” like “alclohol?” He said another word similarly in another episode, I’m never sure if it’s on purpose or just how he says it.

    I unfortunately haven’t been rea lthrilled with most things I’ve experienced lately. I’ve played all the Uncharted games (even on Vita) and none of them super-excited me, though they were all right, and 4 felt too open, so I got tired of looking for the treasures pretty early. It felt like I needed to run and gun more in 4, if you stay in cover the guys appear from nowhere and kill you easily. Either I missed the prompt for tagging guys early on, or it never mentions it until almost the end, so it was hard to tell where the baddies were a lot of the time.

  5. Didn’t expect that tampon commercial. Pretty cool that you’re branching out like that.

    Fun episode, too. One of my biggest surprises of 2016 was iZombie season two. The show handled so many storylines and characters and it all came together so well.

  6. Brett, I’ve heard you express a bit of irritation about this thing in about three podcasts now, so : In the new Doom, Doomguy isn’t literally some sort of legendary hero. In the end of Doom 64, he locked himself in hell and sealed all portals behind him to stop future invasions and then spent the next couple hundred years dropping the People’s Elbow on every single demon in hell. (i guess time doesnt pass there?) After the constant asswhooping, the demons started calling him Doomslayer out of sheer fear of the guy. So it’s not so much “He was prophesied!” as it is the guy’s so damn angry the whole of Hell started viewing him as their Grim Reaper/ Boogeyman.
    Brett, I don’t know you personally at all but I’ve noticed over the last 4 years of podcasts that you let the smallest things get in the way of you enjoying something. You get too much into your own head about stuff sometimes. It seems like oftentimes you can’t get out of your own way and just have fun with something.
    That being said, you’re free to interact with your media however the hell you want to and it’s none of my business, so feel free to disregard this. Just sometimes I feel bad for you tempering your enjoyment of a good thing for transitory reasons.

  7. Since Chris blanched at my mention of 13 Hours, I’ll say this: Yes, Michael Bay’s “Benghazi Movie” is actually really good. There is no political BS, nor is it a Hillary hatchet job like some people thought it would be. It is basically one gigantic siege movie. Think Black Hawk Down – only instead of a whole squad on the move, it’s just a handful of guys pinned down in a compound. If the combat depicted in the movie is even remotely accurate, that entire battle had to have been terrifying.

    1. Also, regarding DOOM – I do like it quite a bit. I don’t really get that wowed by pretty graphics anymore, but that moment when you first walk out on the Mars surface was pretty goddamn stunning. That said, I fucking hate all of the platform jumping bullshit. I don’t mind the game having secret areas and stuff, but I don’t like how most of the power ups are hidden. I think those kind of things should be accessible without effort. I hate when FPSs get turned into 16-bit era precision jumping games. I hated that shit in Half Life 2, and I don’t care for it in DOOM.

  8. Since all the good stuff got mentioned already, I want to throw out something controversial: Gods of Egypt. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not “good” in the same way that Zootopia or Civil War are, but it’s a super fun adventure movie (coincidentally enough, it has a very similar tone to the Mummy movies) with some of the BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN I HAVE EVER SEEN. Seriously, the locations are inventive and gorgeous, the costumes are beautiful, and the creature design is top notch. It’s beautiful, it’s fun, and where else can you watch Ancient Egyptian Mecha Jamie Lannister fight Ancient Egyptian Mecha Leonidas??

  9. I wish you would publish your lists and topics on the page…. so i can come here after listening to the podcast and look up the tv shows and movies you talked about. you talked about a horror movie but i cant remember what it was called…. i could listen to the podcast again or even search for it in the podcast but i thought it would be easier if you typed it out here… just a list of topics and subjects you discussed

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