A mini-NES arrives in stores this November, and here’s the list of 30 games bundled inside


Oh crap oh crap oh crap. So, this is something Nintendo should’ve done literally 10 years ago instead of burying reasonably good-to-great NES games on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console.

On November 11 you’ll be able to pick up a tiny, HDMI-powered li’l NES for a measly $60. This price annihilates the past decade of Virtual Console pricing, where each NES title was $5 each. That makes this mini-NES, in a way, $150 worth of NES games for just $60. Granted they’ll seemingly lack save states or other “perks” of that nature but hey, an official Nintendo product on the shelves, showing kids some of the best games of the 8-bit era? AND delivered in a way that’s much more accessible than a 3DS/Wii U e-Shop? Yes please.


-Balloon Fight

-Bubble Bobble


-Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

-Donkey Kong

-Donkey Kong Jr

-Double Dragon II: The Revenge

-Dr Mario


-Final Fantasy


-Ghosts ‘n Goblins


-Ice Climber

-Kid Icarus

-Kirby’s Adventure

-The Legend of Zelda

-Mario Bros

-Mega Man 2


-Ninja Gaiden


-Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr Dream


-Super C

-Super Mario Bros 1~3

-Tecmo Bowl

-Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Of course many of us have most of these games already, OR have at least played them to our heart’s content, possibly negating the need to own them again (or at all). But again, I’m so pleased Nintendo is offering something like this instead of letting so many other companies beat them to market… I love my Analog NT – and suspect it’ll still offer a better picture than the Mini NES – but to have Nintendo on real store shelves, offering their back catalog at a reasonable price… well that’s just fine.

I’m also not 100% convinced this isn’t a joke / con / hacked tweet, so we’ll see what happens.

9 thoughts on “A mini-NES arrives in stores this November, and here’s the list of 30 games bundled inside

  1. This thing has potential for a number of reasons.

    The HDMI capability alone makes it worth $60. As long as they don’t force the aspect ratio to widescreen, that would suck.

    The controller is also compatable with the Wii-U. That’s a nice bonus.

    The fact that there is a USB port makes it possible (maybe) to expand the collection of games beyond the original 30. It also opens up the possibility of hacking…

  2. With a Nintendo “Console” at this price, this will become a perfect to gift to so many people and family members. Asking them remember when you had fun with the old Nintendo games than presenting this to them as a gift will blow their head off. I am also very excited to getting my hands on one for myself as well.

  3. This is pretty cool and can see appealing to a lot of people who don’t own a 3DS or Wii U and want an easy way to play these games. But.. I don’t think I’ll be dropping $60 on it when the NES is so easy to emulate (though the controller will definitely make for a better experience). Also they didn’t include the best Mega Man game!

  4. I wish the controllers were USB, then I could just pick up a dozen of them and use them for playing Rom’s on my PC.

  5. My only complaint is a lack of the first Contra (perhaps using that word for political reasons has become iffy again), but this is an excellent package. I just hope everybody knows about the infamous Startropics feely trick!

  6. This is the most I’ve been excited for something Nintendo in a few years. God damn if I won’t be the first in line to buy it. The best part for me was every time I thought of a game I wanted to be on it, I would re-check the list and sure enough it was there! Mega Man 2, Castlevania 2, Punch out, FINAL FANTASY, Metroid and all the Super Mario games???


  7. It should have been Tecmo Super Bowl instead.
    Overall, very solid choices for games that will be included. Ninja Gaiden, Metroid, Punch Out, and Double Dragon 2 are the ones I like best. Well, I actually have those games in the original NES.

  8. That’s kinda cool, but Nintendo is REALLY late to this plug and play emulator game. I think the Atari Flashback is up to version 5 or 6. The Genesis model has been out for years, and even Colecovision and Intellevision have mini consoles. That doesn’t mean it’s not a cool novelty, though.

    Sometime back around 2009, some fly-by-night company produced a bootleg plug and play system that had 101 NES games on it and sold it as a generic video game system in Walgreens for $10. It was clearly unauthorized and I don’t know how long they were out before getting pulled (or if Nintendo even noticed before they sold all of their stock). I picked one up, and it plays fine.

    Since these systems just use ROMs, it’s kinda disappointing that they include so few games.

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