Epcot Paradise, Courage Under Fire plus You, Me & Du-Prey – Jul 8-14


This was a boring week in 1986, so after briefly revisiting Robin Williams’ Club Paradise we run out the clock by discussing the early days Disney’s Epcot park . 1996 brings us Courage Under Fire and Harriet the Spy, then 2006 sees the launch of topsy-turvy FPS Prey.


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9 thoughts on “Epcot Paradise, Courage Under Fire plus You, Me & Du-Prey – Jul 8-14

  1. In regards to Con-Air Love theme – Leann Rimes recorded How Do I live first but it was then decided that she sounded too young to be singing a love song for an action film. Trisha Yearwood was tapped to re-record the song and that is what was used. While Yearwood’s version was played more on the adult contemporary stations – Rimes released her version as well and it mostly played on country stations.
    Geesh – I know way too much about way too much

    Great listen today!!!

  2. Aww shucks. Big Country had been a long time karaoke night ending, multi-person smash for me and my crew for years. Like you guys, just hearing the first few notes lights up my day. Shot!

  3. as soon as Dave started talking about that tennis player named “Hangus” or whatever,, I was waiting for someone to mention Steve Brule…..and Chris did!

  4. Matt Damon always seems to be way too musclebound for whatever role he’s supposed to be filling. i.e. “why is this mild-mannered science teacher clearly capable of body-slamming me??”

  5. I watched Frenzy a few weeks ago, it had that Hitchcock problem for me where the police work really hard to convict the wrong guy apparently overnight, and do nothing to actually find out what’s going on.

    I don’t remember ever hearing “In a Big Country” until Rock Band 3. I don’t know how I avoided it, everyone else old enough to remember seems to.

  6. Ha, was just having the “when’s the last one we saw a comedy in theaters” talk with some friends. Seems it’s all superhero movies or wait for video now.

    Did see both Let’s Be Cops and also What We Do In The Shadows in theaters though. Both worth it. Can’t think of any since.

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