Vidjagame Apocalypse 172 – “Knockoffs” That Surpassed The Originals

VGA 172

Friend of the show Bob Mackey (of Retronauts and USGamer) joins us this week to count down five games that took clear inspiration from an established series, but recaptured what made the originals great instead of being pale imitations. Then it’s on to Pokémon Go (of course!), Monster Hunter Generations, Evolve going free-to-play, and the game-hero childhoods you’d most like to see.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite video-game ghost?



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14 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 172 – “Knockoffs” That Surpassed The Originals

  1. Hey, I’m first!

    My favourite game ghost is the Broken Neck ghost from Fatal Frame. It scared the hell out of me.

    Runner up is the girl ghost in Deadly Premonition who walks backwards towards you with what looks like a broken back.
    The ghosts are actually kind of creepy in that game with their distorted voices.

    I love a genuinely scary ghost design, since they’re so few and far between.

  2. SGDQ was fantastic this year. The one handed run of momodora (I am probably spelling that wrong) was fantastic, with a tear-jerking speech at the end. I’d never donated to one of these events previously but I threw in and extra $70 I had and also bought some t-shirts from the Yetee with a portion of the proceeds going to the cause.

    QOTW: My favorite video game ghost is Charles Martinet’s dignity. That shit dies decades ago.

  3. Loved the Pokego discussion; it’s interesting to hear about Bob and Grim abstaining while Henry and Chris are fully in. (Wikiparez sounds in-between?)
    I had a vaguely negative attitude when I first learned about it’s lack of hardcore RPG stuff like the core series.. but.. it really is compelling! It’s a joyful, social game that gets you out, and (gasp) exercising… I’ve never had an experience like this, where total strangers are just coming up to discuss strategies, etc.

  4. Awesome episode! Yeah, I am balls-deep in PKMNGO and it’s a lot of fun.
    If you want to do ANY kind of ancillary video content, get Bob and Mikel to try the game on camera trapsing around SF. The amount of children running from lawns will be staggering. 😉

  5. QotW

    Surprisingly I am not gonna say my namesake, but instead I’m gonna call out Crawling Woman from Fatal Frame 3. A ghost that is only encountered in crawl-spaces and attics, who crawls on all fours, does a TON of damage and exploits the fact that when you’re in those locations, the game switches from third to first-person perspective, meaning she’s always responsible for one of the extremely few jump scares in the otherwise horrifying Fatal Frame 3. What can I say, I love a woman that can kick my ass… or scare me like a child, either/or.

    Whoo! Getting a shout-out both for the namesake of my name (seriously the thing was terrifying in Fatal Frame 2) and for me being terrifying (just kidding, love ya Wikiparez! You made this workout a bit more tolerable ^_^

  6. I will also add props for *both* Ghost Hunter and Folklore.

    I checked and Ghost Hunter is going for around 20-30 bucks, which is more than I thought.

    Still worth getting!

    Folklore has a cool story, great atmosphere and a really good soundtrack, but the sixaxxis mechanic of pulling the spirits out of the bodies gets tiresome.

  7. My favorite video game ghost is Joey Malone, spirit guide in the Blackwell series. It’s a compelling series of adventure games, in which you primarily play as a spirit medium, Rosangela Blackwell, helping restless ghosts to the afterlife. Joey is useful, in that he can access places that Rosangela cannot. However, like a better-developed version of Aiden from Beyond:Two Souls, Joey can only interact with the physical world in a limited capacity.

    There are so many other great ghost characters in the Blackwell series too. Most of them do not know that they are dead, which can make for a variety of situations. The story is very interesting, but I don’t want to give too much away. I highly recommend that you at least try the first game, The Blackwell Legacy, which you can buy on Steam.

  8. Ill 1up your “bike” tip with
    a town square with pokestops all around and 3 directly next to each other with people putting up constant lures.

  9. My favorite video game ghost would probably have to be the Ghosts that you encounter in Pokemon Red or Blue. When the player is in Lavender Town, he/she must obtain an item that can identify these creepy ghosts. However, if the player does not have the aforementioned item and gets into battle, the player is confronted by a ghost and can only run away. The spooky sprite of the Ghost, combined with the eerie music while walking around Lavender town made the whole experience unforgettable.

  10. My favorite video game ghost would have to be a four way tie with Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde with a honorable mention to Ghostface Killah from Def Jam: Fight for NY simply because Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuttin ta Fuck Wit

  11. I will say Neku from The World Ends with You! He implants memes directly into citizen’s minds, fights against weird static monsters and quirky bosses, learns how to live life better, and suffers through PEAK NOMURA DESIGN during three weeks of being dead!

  12. QOTW: All the ghost in MGS4. The fake ghost of Liquid possessing Ocelot, the ghost of Psycho Mantis who gets drawn back to hell by the ghost of The Sorrow after being defeated by the DualShock 3, and all the secret ghosts hidden on Shadow Moses that Snake killed back on the PS1 , including Grey Fox who still haunts under the foot of Metal Gear REX.

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