5 Notable Ghostbusters Movie Games

The new Ghostbusters reboot just hit theaters. It’s controversial (or is it?) because of an all-new, all-female lineup. Man-babies around the globe are screaming to be heard because they would have rather seen a “true” Ghostbusters III involving the surviving original cast huffing and puffing in action scenes with sad comic timing.

With that comforting thought in mind, we’re going to take a look at some of the most notable Ghostbusters I and II movie games. Grab your Ecto Cooler and charge your Proton Pack — we’re going to be cleanin’ up the town with this list!


ghostbusters, movie, game, PC, NES, Genesis, New Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters fans might think the Ghostbusters II flick is a flaming sack of Slimer shit, but it’s the damn Mona Lisa compared to this NES game. Crap side-scrolling segments with punishing hit detection make the first level nearly impossible. If you can make it to the second stage, an even worse driving stage awaits you.


ghostbusters, movie, game, PC, NES, Genesis, New Ghostbusters

Impressive graphics and sound clips from the movie are all that’s notable about this rare DOS game. A series of single-screen mini-games involving ghostbusting, collecting slime, and saving Ghostbusters from an insane asylum collide into one confusing mess. Even the omnipresent pink slime would rage over this one.


ghostbusters, movie, game, PC, NES, Genesis, New Ghostbusters

There’s a lot to complain about with this take on the original Ghostbusters for the NES, but at least it tried something a little different. With a mixture of business sim, driving, and ghostbusting mechanics at your disposal, you have to upgrade your equipment by doing the kind of busting that makes you feel good. Be quick about it, or enough ghosts will converge to give Zuul the power to destroy the world!


ghostbusters, movie, game, PC, NES, Genesis, New Ghostbusters

Lack of a playable Winston aside (sorry, Ernie Hudson fans!), this solid side-scroller nearly throws the plot of the first film out the window in favor of crisp controls, a stage select screen straight out of Mega Man, and mazes. Its difficulty is tough but fair, kind of like a gentler Contra. And its humorous graphics match the movie’s tone to a T.


ghostbusters, movie, game, PC, NES, Genesis, New Ghostbusters

This European- and Japanese-only release is totally different from the lame entry from earlier on this list. Mixing up Zelda-esque gameplay with a unique control scheme that allows one play to control two Ghostbusters (one button shoots energy beams; the other sets and open traps) with aplomb, New Ghostbusters II is a treat worthy of an Ecto Cooler or two. And a peppy score helps in spades.

We’ve got Ghostbusters on the brain this week, so if you do too, be sure to check out our latest episode of Laser Time all about Big Budget Comedies, we also streamed the brand new 2016 Ghostbusters game, and a while back we went through that fantastically fan servicey Ghostbusters 2008 video game, undoubtedly the closest fans will ever get to a third film.

One thought on “5 Notable Ghostbusters Movie Games

  1. Wow, you guys were really harsh on those old Ghostbusters games! I just went back and replayed Ghostbusters 2 on NES a few weeks ago (and beat it for the first time ever!) and it was much better than I remembered. The stages aren’t the most original, but there’s nice variety between side scrolling and driving stages, and even some scrolling shooter stages. I dunno, I remembered it being pretty meh, but when I got back into it I really enjoyed it again. And I’ve always thought the DOS game handled the property really well, giving you the option to bust ghosts and get money (minus what you destroy in the stage) or collect slime from the subway, or break out any GBs from Parkview hospital if they’d been detained before running through New York piloting the Statue of Liberty from a first person perspective.

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