Movie Mania with Aliens, Clerks II, Kingpin and more – Jul 15-28


Our DOUBLE-SIZED show celebrates numerous movie anniversaries like Aliens, Maximum Overdrive, A Time to Kill, Kingpin, The Frighteners, Clerks II and more, then covers TV, music and games across a two-week period in 1986, 1996 and 2006.


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23 thoughts on “Movie Mania with Aliens, Clerks II, Kingpin and more – Jul 15-28

  1. Holy crap this is a huge episode. Gotta love how media always seems to have weeks of dead spots and then vomits too many interesting things out at us in a short amount of time.

  2. I’m a big fan of the Alien series, and I actually really like Alien 3, especially the assembly cut they have on the Blu-ray. Now, it’s not near as good as the first two, but I think it gets a lot of underserved shit.

  3. Oh my goddamn what a fucking week! In all three decades, it’s movies I love! This is gonna be an awesome episodes.

    PS: after all of the Hobbit and LotR films, and counting Brain Dead and Meet the Feebles, I think The Frighteners might be my favorite Peter Jackson movie.

  4. The Summer of 96 is so amazing, even the flops are memorable.

    As for Aliens… I know this is sacrilegious, but the last time I watched it, I actually got bored. For the first time ever, I felt like it was no longer holding up.

    1. Not gonna lie: I really like Lady in the Water. You have to look at it as a fairy tale filled with characters that know they are in the fairy tale. M. Night may be very hit or miss, but there is no one else like him making original films that are unpredictable, and often completely bonkers.

  5. In fact Gretzky and Hull did play together in St. Louis and then later Hull would play under Gretzky as his coach in Arizona.

  6. I watched Alien sitting on my dads lap as a 3 year old. I’m a fan of Prometheus. I’m glad that it’s something different. I love how cynical it is.

    1. Everything about Prometheus is good except for Charlize Theron running away from that gigantic falling… ship, I think…She could have just went left or right at any point and she does not get crushed. Like 10ft left would have done it. Whatever though, atleast Alien: Covenant is coming out. Can’t fuckin wait.

  7. Instead of doing a weird double episode that messes up your format and numbering…why didn’t you just release two episodes in one week?

  8. Funny story about the 96 Olympics. When the running of the torch happened it ran through my city and so of course everyone went to watch it. Apparently the barricades or the security wasn’t very good in my city because my next door neighbor, maybe 8-9 years old at this time, ran across the road in the middle of the running of the torch. He was hit in the face by a police cars mirror. Ended up in the hospital and having a huge scar across his face, but otherwise fine. I just remember it being absolutely nuts at the time that a kid was able to walk across the street during the running of the Olympic Torch and was able to be hit by a police care probably moving 10 miles per hour and was actually hurt pretty badly by it. I feel like security now would probably be so damn insane if it was in the US.

  9. I don’t know why it matters whether you’re talking about the week that just happened or the week moving forward. It all happened in the past!!! Who cares if you’re talking about July 8th and we are in July 12th. It happened in the past….Yall shouldn’t give a fuck what people think.

    1. i think it helps knowing ahead of time, especially when it comes to movies and if you want to celebrate that movie you like on its anniversary.

  10. ah dave! father ted was channel 4 not bbc. it was going to be on RTE in ireland first but they turned it down because they thought it would offend the Catholics so channel four bought father ted instead. shame on you sir!

  11. Nice shout out for Pointfest’s, Brett! Those shows used to be a highlight of St. Louis summers.

  12. My tastes usually line up with Diana’s pretty well, which is why she blindsided me by being anti-Mann. One of my favorite working directors today; even a ‘bad’ Michael Mann film will be amazingly shot and edited.

    I’ve seen Lady in the Water and heard multiple podcasts about it and can’t retain information about it in my brain, because the movie is basically just the roughest outline of a story; it’s mostly a navel-gazing Joseph Campbell 101 lecture.

    1. I think I pretty much agree with her – to an extent. Good Michael Mann can be really good, but he repeats himself so much that most of his movies (lately) end up plodding, predictable chores.

  13. Kingpin is my favorite comedy. I refuse to qualify that statement. I love it unreservedly.

    In the age of VHS tapes, my sister and I wore out a rental copy of Kingpin because we MEDICALLY. COULD. NOT. STOP. rewinding and playing the single funniest moment I’ve seen in a film. No joke: when my dad dies, I will come home from the funeral and cheer myself up by watching Woody Harrelson’s incredulous double-take on Randy Quaid’s nipples coming out of the freezer. It is magnificent. It is the world. Everything is in harmony for those two seconds.

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