LaserTime’s WWE Battleground 2016 predictions: make yours too!


1 – The New Day (RAW) vs. Bray Wyatt (Smackdown), Erick Rowan (Smackdown), and Braun Strowman (Raw)
The diffusion of the Wyatt’s post-Battleground makes me think they’re basically a done deal. Wyatt was actually somewhat interesting when he sorta teamed with Roman earlier this year, so maybe they’re going to revisit the idea of him as a solo, non-swamp-warlock leader? Either way, New Day probably wins this because they’re still the champs and this isn’t a title match to begin with. However… I could see Wyatts winning this now, and then SummerSlam sees the runback where the heroes win the day. I’ll stick with New Day for now though..
PICK: The New Day

2 – Becky Lynch (Smackdown) vs. Natalya (Smackdown)
Natalya wins so Becky can (hopefully) take it home at SummerSlam.
PICK: Natalya

3- John Cena (Smackdown), Enzo Amore (Raw) & Big Cass (Raw) vs. AJ Styles (Smackdown), Luke Gallows (Raw), and Karl Anderson (Raw)
Hard to predict, given that SummerSlam may be a PPV where brands overlap despite the very recent split. Whoever loses here could still reunite next month and get the victory at the bigger show… that said, Cena’s winning record at SummerSlam is pretty low lately, so I think Cena & Sawft win this match and then Cena does someone a favor at SummerSlam.
PICK: Cena, Enzo, and Cass

4- Sami Zayn (Raw) vs. Kevin Owens (Raw)
Is it time for Zayn to win? It’s billed as their “final” battle – which literally no one believes so there’s zero drama – so that makes me think he does get a victory. But… given they’re BOTH on Raw and Summerslam is one month away, I have to assume some kind of screwy finish, one that extends this battle into the next show. I’ll go with Zayn “winning” but something’s up…
PICK: Zayn

5- Intercontinental Champion The Miz (Smackdown) vs. Darren Young (Raw)
Miz wins. Wouldn’t mind Young getting a burst of new energy, but since he and Titus will be on the same show I wonder if that means Prime Time is back? Either way, you can’t send the IC title to Raw when it’s currently the only belt on SmackDown. Well, Dean is “the” champ but we’ll get to that.
PICK: The Miz

6- Sasha Banks (Raw) and a mystery partner vs. Charlotte (Raw) & Dana Brooke (Raw)
The bad guys cheat yet again and set up a 1-1 feud with Sasha and Charlotte for SummerSlam.
PICK: Charlotte and Brooke

7- United States Champion Rusev (Raw) vs. Zack Ryder (Smackdown)
Rusev wins. I suppose it’s possible Ryder and Young both win, meaning a secondary belt is still on SmackDown, but why do that at Battleground and not SS?
PICK: Rusev

8- WWE Champion Dean Ambrose (Smackdown) vs. Roman Reigns (Raw) vs. Seth Rollins (Raw)
Really hard to predict, which makes this genuinely exciting. Dean winning is the safe status-quo-retaining option that keeps things hovering until SummerSlam, and gives SmackDown a nice bump. Roman winning pisses people off, but likely leads to a SS battle against one or both of the Shield guys again. Rollins winning is kiiinda interesting but his last run with the belt is still fresh in my mind, and it wasn’t the hottest reign of the past couple years. I’ll go with… Dean? Just so the real transition happens next month? I could see the title changing hands here to give the impression anything can happen on B PPVs, but MITB just had that exact scenario play out so doing it twice in one summer seems excessive.
PICK: Ambrose

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11 thoughts on “LaserTime’s WWE Battleground 2016 predictions: make yours too!

  1. For the triple threat I bet we have Dean and Seth both pin Roman or something and they end up splitting the title into the WHC and WWEC.

  2. Wyatts
    Cena and friends
    Ambrose in 25 min
    Becky Lynch theme song

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