Vidjagame Apocalypse 173 – Weird Guests in Fighting Games

VGA 173

Heidi Kemps of joins us fresh off last week’s EVO championships – and with fighting games on everyone’s minds, we take a look at some of the weirdest guest characters ever to grace games about people hitting each other on the head with fists. Then it’s on to I Am Setsuna, EVO 2016, Nintendo’s tiny NES Classic Edition, and your favorite video-game ghosts.

Question of the Week

Which game would you like to see become an esport?



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9 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 173 – Weird Guests in Fighting Games

  1. QOTW: Banjo-Tooie had this multiplayer-mode where two players could duke it out FPS-style so that would be a nice contrast to this ultra-serious CS:GO-shenanigans that has been going on lately. If it needs to be something bigger than 1vs1, the best multiplayer that PS1 ever had, Poy Poyand the sequel Poy Poy 2, would be a thrill to watch and participate.

  2. QOTW:

    Videoball would be hilarious as an E-Sport. Just play the fucking game…I’m drunk and I don’t want to write anymore.

  3. always love Heidi on the show!
    I’d been wondering if Chris saw Stranger Things yet… definitely has some really dumb parts, but so much of it is rad as hell!!

  4. QOTW: Katamari Damacy would make a great E-sport. Very little is random in the game, and it is very important to follow the most efficient paths through each level. Side by side speed runs would be awesome, and I would love to watch something like that.

    (Starts singing theme song)

    Na naaaa….

  5. Didn’t say anything last week, but since it came up again this episode…

    Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Chris complains about GH ruining Harmonix’s mojo and, while that was true in the heyday of the rhythm genre, that isn’t what happened last year. I’m a Rock Band guy through and through, but it just wasn’t the better game last year. Harmonix dumped RB4 out last year and it was seen as just the same old motions with tons of features stripped out in the jump to current gen. Kinda lame.

    Guitar Hero Live, on the other hand, was new and fresh. It had a new controller that made it feel like a totally different game. Its free play mode, in which instead of buying DLC songs and losing butt loads of hard drive space you play genre-based karaoke style sets of songs rented in chunks, is exactly what this style of game needs. GH meta’d slightly better (even through I know y’all don’t care about that), and that’s the prevailing sentiment among rhythm game aficionados and game press alike. Activision did it right this time.

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